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Name Description
A Ressha de Ikou Currently this game is in early testing and beta phase but with what has been done, it should make it a bit easier to do the basics and play the game! (MOBYGAMES description of the game) - The player controls a railroad company CEO in the end of the nineteenth century, who was entrusted by the president of an unnamed country to build a railroad that reaches its Western coast. The game is played in real time, with a day/night cycle and a game world that changes regardless of the player's actions.
Adventures of Valecule
Akumajou Densetsu
Akumajou Densetsu
Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust
AstroFang: Super Machine
Battle Storm Here is a full translation for the NES game, Battle Storm. In this strategic warfare game, you can take control of Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Lee, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fight it out on the battlefield with tanks, helicopters, jets, and missiles in order to destroy the opponents base!
Bio - Warrior Dan
Bio Miracle Boku-tte Upa
Cadillac Cadillac is a puzzle card game featuring several women that try to take every last bit of money from you. The object of the game is to clear all of the cards at the end of the deck, which can be pretty tricky. During the game, you have cards that come down from the top and make their way to the bottom where you position them to make poker combinations, like three of a kind, 4 of a kind, 5 of a kind, flushes and straights. There are 10 levels to beat in this game. Your reward on a few levels is to see a full screen view of one of the women that host the game. This game is a one or two player game.
Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa Vol I
Captain Tsubasa Vol II - Super Striker Turkish
Chaos World
Chester Field
Choujin Sentai Jetman
Chronicle of the Radia War
Chuka Taisen
Cosmic Wars
Cosmo Genesis
Cosmo Police Galivan
Dai Senryaku
Deep Dungeon IV
Destiny Of An Emperor II
Devilman High atop the Himalayas, ancient devils are stirring beneath the ice after ten thousand years of imprisonment. Archdemon Xenon, their four-faced master unleashes them upon the Earth much to the chagrin of humanity. You are Akira Fudo who combines with a powerful ancient demon named Amon to become Devilman! Six levels of fire, ice, water,secret demon research labs, Tokyo ruins, and much more to explore as Devilman, Akira, his friends, or girlfriend Miki! Four exciting alternate endings!
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi
Don Doko Don 2 Here is a 99% full English translation for Don Doko Don 2. All of the in game dialogue and menus are full translated.
Doraemon RPG
Dragon Ball 1: Dragon Mystery
Dragon Ball Z 2: The Fury of Lord Freeza
Dragon Ball Z 3: Violent Battle Against the Androi
Dragon Ball Z: Assault of the Saiyans
Dream Penguin Adventure
Dream World Doki Doki Panic!
Elnark no Zaihou Here is a translation for Treasures of Elnark. This was taken from Guyver’s interpretation from his Russian translation. This patch is 100% complete with a proper title screen now! Enjoy
Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu
F-1 Circus Here is a full English translation for the NES title, F1 Circus.
Famicom Wars
Famicom Yakyuuban This patch release translates all of the text and dialogues into English making it easier to navigate around the game and it's menus without any language barriers. This has not been fully tested so any issues can be reported to MrRichard999 on Twitter. Also it is important to note this may not function on some versions of FCEUX as there is a bug where it locks up during game timeouts during ball play. APPLY PATCH TO THE FOLLOWING ROM... Famicom Yakyuu Ban (Japan).NES CRC32: BD1AD5CF MD5: 0DBC9E3BD6F2B00C2EA1600A7E49BBF3 SHA-1: 4414FFFFB44D6530BC5A821C9CCE6BE896FDA974
Family Circuit Here is a full English translation for the NES racing game, Family Circuit!
Family Jockey Here is an English translation for Family Jockey from Namco! Now you can enjoy derby racing whether by yourself or with a friend as 2 players can race against each other! The horses you play as are actual translations of their names but the ones you race against were re-named after some of the top 100 race horses for more realism. Enjoy!
Family Trainer 4: Jogging Race Here is a full English translation for one of the NES Power Pad titles, Family Trainer 4: Jogging Race.
Family Trainer: Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou Here is a full English translation for the NES Power Pad title, Family Trainer 8 - Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi-jou. If you are familiar with Takeshi’s Castle or the spoof show, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC), this game is based off of this popular Japanese game show. This has been rumored to be very physically involved and is recommended to do stretches before playing. We hope you enjoy this translation!
Famista '90 This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier play-through. A few of the random popup banners that appear have been left due to not being able to trigger all of them that appear such as "Lucky #7" but this should not hinder any gameplay. Patch to the following original Japanese ROM Famista '90 (Japan).nes CRC32: 967FCA1E MD5: FBD94F52EAE8BDAEE1900328A4509368 SHA-1: EA3C8B64B9262482F16AB91B43194DB0D40ECA70 SHA-256: CD2BBD48E9360AA2A4321E875660C7ED8B29E71D3D9D69F5DD4A76BCA875BE1C
Famista '92 This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier playthrough. Patch to the following original Japanese ROM Famista '92 (Japan).nes CRC32: 9FD6D12D MD5: 863B6BD885749B6CBCD3DF9D162AA039 SHA-1: 126F52967F36170DCD06E4559915D6CC5823CB72 SHA-256: DAC3313B9960340D7D1A62605EDB2B65F38670AE1441D94E2859404EE11E2B88
Famista '94 This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier playthrough. Patch to the following original Japanese ROM Famista '94 (Japan).nes CRC32: B382CF01 MD5: 47BD56C4D87EBFB2665C7D7B7C121F70 SHA-1: 7EFE57AB76987294AB9DEC060562AE53A9985BBA SHA-256: B5D0B11387AB58AF492C31213DB83D79914B29933D65CA2E84F2A4B60F75DA9E
Famista 89 - Opening Game! This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier play-through. A few of the random popup banners that appear have been left due to not being able to trigger all of them that appear such as "Lucky #7" but this should not hinder any game-play.
Famista 91' This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier play-through.
Famista 93' This is a patch which translated the names, menus, and icons into English for easier playthrough. Patch to the following original Japanese ROM Famista '93 (Japan).nes CRC32: 5CEC1A87 MD5: C548383BE1848B5C9D6C4FB84E284BCD SHA-1: D6A2F6C8BEB1BEDAB556F6AAB82C9E401026241C SHA-256: 855E4618A38CAA761E46FE48AD22E0A595194DB2E1796F4CE0A5BD4952AAFCF0
Final Fantasy 1 & 2
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Fire Bird
Fire Emblem Gaiden
Fire Emblem Gaiden The first complete english translation of Fire Emblem Gaiden.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
Fleet Commander Here is a full 100% English release for Fleet Command on the Famicom system. The game is based on a WWII battle but the names of the opposing forces were changed to Algon and Proton. Now they have been changed back to the original based forces which were the U.S.A & Japan to reflect what it was originally supposed to be. Also the title screen has been redone to look more like what it is on the box art. Enjoy the release and if there are any issues please feel free to contact us. Also included in the zip is the box art, picture of the cart, and pictures of what came with the game.
Fuzzical Fighter
Ganbare Goemon
Ganbare Goemon 2
Ganbare Pennant Race! Here is a patch which translates the players, menus, graphics with Japanese text, and basic lines in the game. Password screens were left as they were as save states can be used. Apply to a clean ROM with the following hash info Ganbare Pennant Race! (Japan).nes CRC32: D15EDC9A MD5: 1F867BD9127A147391EF98B8A9165699 SHA-1: 1F4D7665E5F8C5D5C7783A630308215AA51E93F6 SHA-256: 5EFE8F930D8F052787D128FBA032438D1905DB7DE36E29C79A0F4475CE2DB3E9 If any issues are present please contact @MrRichard999
Getsufuuma Densetsu
Glory of Heracles 2
Hello Kitty World
Hello Kitty's Flower Shop
I Love Softball Here is an English translation for I Love Softball for the Famicom. All the players, locations, dialogues, and menus are all in English. We hope you enjoy the release! Please apply the patch to the following ROM - I Love Softball (Japan).NES CRC32: C7F03980 MD5: D4FFAF763DDF352CC5ADF7ED6F1B9506 SHA-1: B057C3F697BF9078A4944B3332E6E80425A3EF84 SHA-256: 54CACD99EAA830580AD034CE590EAA795590C6D6437A2BFD615B6220A163E252
Igo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku Here is an English translation for the Famicom title, Igo - Kyuu Roban Taikyoku. This is a simplified version of the game where it goes from the 19 x 19 version to a 9 x 9 version.
Itadaki Street: Watashi no Mise ni Yottette Here is a partial release for Itadaki Street - Watashi no Mise ni Yottette. Currently the beginning part of the game and the level intro screens are done but there is still much left to do. This was posted just in case the current work was lost.
Jajamaru Gekimaden
JJ Jump Out - The Epic War
Joy Mech Fight
Just Breed
Keisan Game: Sansuu 3 Toshi This is a math game aimed at Japanese children in third grade. It features minigames that deal with multiplication and division. This is a BPS patch so you need to download Byuu's beat to patch the rom.
Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure
Kero Kero Keroppi's Great Big Adventure 2
Keroppi & Keroleen's Splashbomb
Kid Dracula
Kid Niki 3
King of Kings Here is a 99% complete translation for King of Kings for the NES by Namco. Everything has been translated to English. If any issues are found please contact me. Enjoy the translation!
Knights of the Zodiac: Legend of the Gold
Konami World
Kung Fu 2
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League
Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium Here is a partial translation for the game, Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium for the NES. Unfortunately it has halted due to technical issues with re-arranging the dialogue with the commentator and announcer but the game is easier to play around with now in its current condition than it was before. The players, position symbols, and scoreboard are in English. If anyone feels like playing around with the code and can fix the announcer/commentator speech, please feel free to contact the author.
Lupin the 3rd: Pandora's Legacy
Magical Doropie
Major League Originally this was a game meant to be released in the U.S. per the movie release of Major League but it was only released in Japan. This patch for Major League translates all the names, graphics, and menus to English. Also with this patch, a major mapper fix is included as when changes are made, the game gets garbled on the title screen and outfield.
Maze of Galious
Mini Putt
Mirai Senshi Lios
Mitsume Ga Tooru
Moai Kun
Mobile Police Patlabor
Moero!! Juudou Warriors Here is a full English translation for Moero!! Juudou Warriors. All the dialogues, menus, and text. Currently the password system still retains the Japanese characters over the letters but everything else is complete! Please apply the BPS patch to the following ROM with the matching hash info below. Moero!! Juudou Warriors (Japan) CRC32: 0A186CD1 MD5: 8A1B591D066AFEA9010EA40F52090568 SHA-1: 31BDA7025CDD017C55CC3A44DC03BE2EC50B4A42 SHA-256: 670A9A05B01236312E08F03E6E6617C6794B8D12FE7D60DAC6A12933121F223D
Moon Crystal
Motocross Champion
Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water
Namco Classic II Here is a translation patch for the Namco golf game, Namco Classic II. Most of the game is translated but there are issues where the text is garbled when asking for caddie advice, caddie selection, pro selection, and a few lines here and there. The game is navigable and playable to an extent so the patch is being made available to the public and is suspended till the rest of the code can be figured out as it is finicky and has some issues when altering it.
Naughty Kokkun's Gourmet World
Nekketsu Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes
Ninja Jajamaru:Galactic Battle
Ninja Kun 2
Pachinko Daisakusen Here is an English translation for Pachinko Daisakusen. Now you can enjoy one of Japan’s most popular leisure games and form of gambling for the NES in English! :) If any problems arise in game-play please feel free to contact the author! Enjoy!
Pachinko Daisakusen 2 Here is an English translation to the 2nd part of Pachinko Daisakusen.
Paris-Dakar Rally Special! Here is a full English translation for Paris-Dakar Rally Special. All the dialogue and basic menus are know readable and the game can be fully enjoyed. Paris-Dakar Rally Special is a rally racing game developed by ISCO for the Famicom and published by CBS Sony Group in Japan on February 1, 1988. It is an imaginative racing game with platformer and action-adventure elements. It features Dakar Rally cars that could fire bullets, a driver with the ability to exit the car and go exploring to lower a bridge or bypass other obstacles, underwater driving sections, and at times having avoid a fleet of tanks and fighter jets. Each stage features its own unique twist.
Peacock King 2
Penguin Dream Story
Penguin Wars
Photon-The Ultimate Game On Planet Earth
Power Ball Here is a full English translation patch for the game Plasma Ball. All the dialogues, menus, and world selection screen has been translated. We hope you enjoy the translation! Apply to the following ROM.. Plasma Ball (Japan).nes CRC32: 7279B50E MD5: AD83D0F71862A486F50BCF3E2FA9473F SHA-1: F482C06FFEE21BBCFC41305A793A6C0BD1E9BA41 SHA-256: ED63602D40BAEB651B0D23019AC25D882661EAE0EF17BB82A129DBB3AF23C127
Princesstual Orgy
Puyo Puyo
Pyokotan no Dai Meiro Here is a full English translation for the game Pyokotan no Daimeiro. Everything has completely translated.
Rainbow Silkroad
Rampart (Konami) In this adaptation of the arcade classic, you strive to ward off invading ships while protecting your territory. Fortify your castles with cannons to take out the enemy commander, but make sure to repair any damage of your own as soon as possible!
Recca: Raging Fire
Riki Kunio
Robocco Wars
Rockman 2
Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac - The Golden Legend Final Chapter
Sanrio Carnival 2
Sanrio Cup Pon Pon Volley
Santa Claus's Toybox
SD Gundam - Gachapon Senshi 4 - NewType Story Everything has been fully translated to English! We hope you enjoy the project! Please contact MrRichard999 on twitter or send an email to if any issues arise. Be sure to apply to the following ROM - SD Gundam - Gachapon Senshi 4 - NewType Story (Japan) CRC32: 078B916E MD5: A7858CB3F0E0260DE35844F1123212D9 SHA-1: 7340B932FCEB1930E13A2F7CFE47BE553F713508 SHA-256: CDC298C2247D07C859CE3C03C96F45D623BD641F927A5123E66C3BE0B3B5360E
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki Here is a full English translation of the game. The only issue is where you win the game and under the total number of units, the text is garbled which resembles the units left after a match. Everything else is 100% complete!
SD Splatterhouse
Shi Kin Jou
Shufflepuck Cafe
Softball Heaven
Spelunker 2
Star Wars (Namco)
Sugoro Quest
Sukeban Deka III Sukeban Deka III is an action role playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based on a Japanese comics which was adapted in televison dramas, live action movies and animation.
Sumo Wrestling
Super Real Baseball '88 This patch will convert all the team players and names into English and make the game more easier to navigate and play for English players. When selecting the players in the menus keep in mind that the player names are done vertically (up+down) instead of the traditional text display. We hope you enjoy the release! PLEASE APPLY THE PATCH TO THE FOLLOWING ROM. THE PATCH IS IN .BPS FORMAT SO "BEAT" PATCHING TOOL IS RECOMMENDED. Super Real Baseball '88 - English.NES CRC32: CA4E7B9E MD5: 8BFDC31724D6DEB0BEDE42A5A3206665 SHA-1: A03587DB7962B02E5C827A6F3300EDDF2457FDFA SHA-256: 21939D3C027E762D2E0F00EA19A10370CE4018C9A78CF0163AD8F81A33A02C8E
Sweet Home
Tabo's Tactics
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no License Here is a full translation for Taito Grand Prix - Eikou e no License for the NES. This game is much like Rad Racer but you race for rank points, cash for purchasing upgrades, and acquire new cars. You can race a Mini Cooper, a Ferarri BB512, and a Formula 1 race car. As you progress in the game you go from regular races to Grand Prix & World Tournament racing. If you are a fan of Rad Racer, this is a game you must try!
Takeda Shingen This patch translates all the dialogues, menus, and other text into English to make the game playable without language barriers. If any issues are found, please contact MrRichard999 on Twitter. Patch to the following ROM... Takeda Shingen (Japan).nes CRC32: 394B0B7B MD5: 5732A32EE10260407F085C110F472B2A SHA-1: C9A552A9F7411E5F7C23E4E1C2F5DDF4B4622680
Technos Ice Hockey
Technos Ice Hockey
Technos Samurai: Downtown Special
Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame Here is a full English translation for the game, Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame for the famicom system! Now you can enjoy this fun little board-game where up to 4 players compete against each other to own the most railroads, have the most money, and get to your destinations! In conjunction with RG-Soft’s work we were able to complete this project and get 98% if the game completed. Only a few names on the board map will appear glitched due to code issues but it will in no way hinder the game play. We hope you enjoy this!
Time Zone
Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Transformers - Mystery of Comvoy
Tsuri Kichi Sanpei: Blue Marlin Hen Here is a full English translation for the NES fishing game, Tsuri Kichi Sanpei: Blue Marlin Hen!
Twinbee 3
Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier
Urusei Yatsura Lum's Wedding Bell
Venus Wars
Wagyan land
Wagyan Land 2
Wai Wai World 2: SOS from Parsley Castle
Warehouse no.18 All text has been translated to English, windows resized in some cases to accommodate longer or shorter lines of text. ASM hacking has been done to remove the hack protection scheme that prevents the altering of certain bytes in the ROM, the effect is that the game will stall in reset mode if the check fails. The annoying grey screen before the title screen loads has been reduced to one frame so that you barely notice it exists.
Warrior of Algos
Wizardry II: Llylgamyn no Isan Here is a translation patch which translates the options menu where you can change the language from Japanese to English. Previously the menu was all in Japanese but now it is in English so players can navigate through much easier to make the needed adjustments. Version 1.1: Changed the default language to English. Translated the default character names, and set the default alphabet to use when creating or renaming new characters. If English sentences are specified, the default alphabet is English uppercase, while a Japanese alphabet is used if Japanese sentences are selected. You can still select different alphabets during character naming by pressing the select button. With these changes, everything defaults to English, so English players don’t need to change anything in the language/options menu at all. Note that the default character names and language selection is only applied if there is no existing save for the game. If you have an existing save, the options you had selected and your existing characters will not change. It will however use the appropriate alphabet when naming and re-naming your characters.
Ys 2
Zoids: Mokushiroku Here is a 100% English translation for Zoids Apocalypse. Everything is complete and is ready to be played for your enjoyment! Also some light graphic updates have been applied to add a tiny bit of visual appeal. Also included is a ZOID model # txt.
Zombie Hunter