Power Ball

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Here is a full English translation patch for the game Plasma Ball. All the dialogues, menus, and world selection screen has been translated. We hope you enjoy the translation! Apply to the following ROM.. Plasma Ball (Japan).nes CRC32: 7279B50E MD5: AD83D0F71862A486F50BCF3E2FA9473F SHA-1: F482C06FFEE21BBCFC41305A793A6C0BD1E9BA41 SHA-256: ED63602D40BAEB651B0D23019AC25D882661EAE0EF17BB82A129DBB3AF23C127

Author: MrRichard999 - Dr.Floppy - MajinZenki

Completion: 100%

Genre: Action

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Patch file 68.74 KB

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