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Popular Emulators

Name Description
m64p m64p is an open-source, plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator maintained by loganmc10. The project bundles Mupen64Plus with GLideN64, as well as its own frontend, input plugin, and netplay support.

This is likely the most compatible N64 emulator you're going to come across. It can play games like Resident Evil 2, Rogue Squadron, Pokemon Snap, and World Driver Championship "out-of-the-box" (without the need to fiddle with settings, plugins, or anything of the sort).
Nemu64 After three years of undergoing the responsibilities of change the weakening dedication to what was once the most famous emulator firmed on 2003 when the last version 0.8 was released. Today it is known to be very unorthodox after zilmar's contributions but supports video and audio recording. Co-author LaC--one of the biggest names in the N64 scene for the time--designed probably the strongest sound emulation plugin period for the N64: a practical combination of the merits of Jabo's DirectSound, Azimer's sound plugin, and the No Sound plugin. The plugin support is very poor, and only the graphics plugin can be changed. This is still yet another emulator supporting special features in games that no other emulator does for the N64 while its uniquity is not only promising. Its system requirements were very high for its time. It is the first emulator to support NetPlay and does so more accurately than the later hack Project64k but is still the slowest emulator supporting NetPlay.
Project64 Netplay Project64 Netplay is a way to play Nintendo 64 games with anyone in the world from your own couch. Everyone needs the same save file for the game to operate; this is automated using a friendly easy to use script bundled with the emulator. It uses the same core framework vanilla Project64 core uses so you do not have to learn new things. It does not use Kailera (a very old ancient protocol used for Netplay in the past) and instead uses an in house protocol for maximum compatibility.
UltraHLE This is the legendary UltraHLE, the first N64 emulator to run commercial games. It even has sound and joystick support (the joystick support isn't too great, though).

The initial release could play 17 games, but, with the help of updated ultra.ini files, it can now support many more. It was discontinued 6 hours after it's initial release, but it's now being worked on again. You'll need at least a P2-233 system to use it. It runs on Glide, so a 3dfx card or a Glide-wrapper is required. Here's a compatibility list created by Demi.

Ultra.ini is a modified version of the Ultra.ini file that originally came with UltraHLE. It adds support for more games, improves games that already worked, and has lots of optional cheats.

UltraHLP is a tool for UltraHLE that makes it support two players, fixes bugs such as the Mario jump bug, allows you to define up to 16 buttons on a controller, and much more!

UltraHLE-Z is a TOTALLY unofficial release of UltraHLE which features a whole load of stuff, including the Voodoo 3 patch, so it's worth a try. And, I'm adding this if you don't get it: Don't bug the UltraHLE authors about this one. They didn't put this stuff together.

This is an unofficial release of UHLE by L@G, with speed fixes and compatability with Windows XP Voodoo drivers added. If you need Glide2x.dll, then head on over to the Glide Wrappers page and download one.

This is a fix for Voodoo 3 and Banshee users that are having problems running UltraHLE.

Other Emulators

Name Description
1964 1964 is a Nintendo emulator made by Schibo and Rice. It is one of the top Nintendo emulators arround that you can get with a high game compatibility rate.
Apollo Apollo is another N64 emulator project, but no progress has been published in several years. In this year of idle activity in the N64 scene Azimer promises soon "something out the door".
Blade64 Blade64 is another outdated Nintendo 64 emulator albeit not as experimental as Dream64. It does support a few select commerical games.
Corn Corn is by far the fastest Nintendo 64 emulator that supports commercial games. The graphics engine requires at least DirectX 6.1, and the sound emulation produces greatly for those select few playable games. It uses no plugin system.
Daedalus Daedalus is another Nintendo 64 emulator project thanks to many contributors that supports commercial games and was succeeded by Nemu64 in its time. The sound plugin is one of Azimer's many old versions and can be succeeded by Corn's sound engine.
Daedalus-Lkb This is a modified version written by Lkb, of the Nintendo 64 emulator

Dream64 This is an experimental emulator not designed to emulate commercial images. A few opcodes are supported.
Mupen64 Mupen64 is a n64 emulator desgined to be multi-OS. It has been developped on/for Linux originally but the emulator has already been ported succesfully on Windows and MacOSX for example. Actually the program can be easily ported on all OS supported by the SDL library.

In its current state, the emulator is highly compatible and use a plugin system. With the correct plugins (``correct'' can be computer dependent), it can achieve nearly perfect graphics and sound in many games.

The biggest problem of this emulator until now was its speed but now it's progressively changing with a totally new core and there's still a huge room for improvements.
Mupen64Plus Mupen64Plus is based off of mupen64, originally created by Hacktarux. This package contains only the Mupen64Plus core library. For a fully functional emulator, the user must also install graphics, sound, input, and RSP plugins, as well as a user interface program (called a front-end).
N64 VM This N64 emulator that can run a few commercial games such as

Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. It also has controller support, but there's no

sound support.
NICE64 NICE64 is a Newly Improved C++ Emulator for playing N64 games and it is the next stage of development based on 1964mod v1.5.2(Final) codebase. It is created as a replacement to the original 1964mod emulator and it doesn't aim for perfect emulation of the actual hardware.
NIN64 NIN64 runs quite a few demos, and it runs them fast. However, it can't

run any commercial games yet. It supports controllers too, but there's no sound. It comes

in 2 languages, English or Spanish.
NINCEST 64 This is a new Nintendo 64 emulator coded by faraway (whom many of you

know from the irc channel, #emu, on efnet). It can currently run the FireDemo (slowly),

N64 Stars, and maybe even some other demos.
NSFE Formerly known as Reality 64, this is a CPU-only emulator currently.

This means you won't see it run any games, nor will you see any graphics. This emulator

has been discontinued as of 1/18/99. The files will remain online simply for reference.
Pagan Pagan is a non-commercial Nintendo 64 emulator from long ago. It supports the frame buffer effect in almost all of the demo images.
PC64 PC64 can supposedly run Mario64 and Rampage2 slowly. It uses Glide for

graphics, but no HLE is implemented yet.
Project Unreality This was the first Nintendo 64 emulator ever attempted, and it proved that

N64 emulation IS possible. It can run many N64 demos, and show some opening screens from

Mortal Kombat Trilogy and the WaveRace64 N64 logo screen. It has been discontinued.
Project64 Project64 is a completely free and open-source emulator for the Nintendo 64 and 64DD written in C++.

Capable of playing your favorite N64 games on your PC with high definition graphics, excellent compatibility, save states, built-in cheat codes, and more.

A simple to use user interface, allowing games to just run out of the box with no configuring. Though if you want there are dozens of configuration options to make it work the way you want.
Sunset Sunset is a very promising N64 emulator that can run many demos and some

commercial games. Actually, many commercal games will load up and do stuff, but only some

are playable. It doesn't support HLE sound yet, but it supports controllers.
SupraHLE This is a hacked, modified version of UltraHLE. It uses the core of

UltraHLE with hacked instructions.
TR64 TR64 is a good Windows port of Truereality. It uses OpenGL for graphics

and can run Mario64 and some others. TR64 now has sound, but it requires DirectX 8.0.

This is an Ini File for TRWin64 Made by Spinal. You can check the homepage at

TRwin TRWin is a great Windows port of TrueReality. It uses Direct3D for

graphics, and has quite a few options. It can play Mario64 at full speed, and it's

compatible with many more.
Ultra 64 Ultra 64 only has some opcodes, memory, and registers emulated so far.

There does seem to be some kind of video display (no sound yet), but I couldn't get anything

to show up. It also has a debugger and a ROM header reader.
UltraHLE 2064 This looks like a good N64 emulator that's still being

upgraded. One to keep your eyes on.

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