Famicom Yakyuuban

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This patch release translates all of the text and dialogues into English making it easier to navigate around the game and it's menus without any language barriers. This has not been fully tested so any issues can be reported to MrRichard999 on Twitter. Also it is important to note this may not function on some versions of FCEUX as there is a bug where it locks up during game timeouts during ball play. APPLY PATCH TO THE FOLLOWING ROM... Famicom Yakyuu Ban (Japan).NES CRC32: BD1AD5CF MD5: 0DBC9E3BD6F2B00C2EA1600A7E49BBF3 SHA-1: 4414FFFFB44D6530BC5A821C9CCE6BE896FDA974

Author: MrRichard999 - AgentOrange - FlashPV - Jink640

Completion: 100%

Genre: Baseball

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Patch file Version 0.98 8.61 KB

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