I Love Softball

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Here is an English translation for I Love Softball for the Famicom. All the players, locations, dialogues, and menus are all in English. We hope you enjoy the release! Please apply the patch to the following ROM - I Love Softball (Japan).NES CRC32: C7F03980 MD5: D4FFAF763DDF352CC5ADF7ED6F1B9506 SHA-1: B057C3F697BF9078A4944B3332E6E80425A3EF84 SHA-256: 54CACD99EAA830580AD034CE590EAA795590C6D6437A2BFD615B6220A163E252

Author: MrRichard999 - Proveaux - TheMajinZenki - FlashPV - Jink640

Completion: 99%

Genre: Sports - Softball

Name Description Filesize
Patch file 9.49 KB

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