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Popular Emulators

Name Description
MAME MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework.

MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions. The source code to MAME serves as this documentation. The fact that the software is usable serves primarily to validate the accuracy of the documentation (how else can you prove that you have recreated the hardware faithfully?). Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus.

(NOTE: Due to size limitations, the most recent version is not available here. Please go to the author's website to download the most recent version.)

Other Emulators

Name Description
AdvanceMAME Special features for increased
compatibility with TV displays, arcade and fixed-frequency monitors.
Generally improves video support. Very popular! Give it a try.
AdvancePAC AdvancePAC is an unofficial PacMAME version
for DOS and Linux with advanced video support for helping the use
with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequency Monitors and also for
PC Monitors.
AGEMAME AGEMAME (Arcade Gambling Extension for the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a derivative MAME emulator focused on gambling games.
Last release: 2008-10-21
AMAME Optimized for speed increases with AMD,
Pentium II, and i486 processors.
AppleMAME Provides added support for MAME 0.56,
including Monaco and Pong.
BrMAME A MAME compilation translated toPortuguese.
CabMame cabMAME(UI) is a modified version of MAME / MAMEUI. cabMAME includes some "Hacks" to remove several "Problems" in cabinet use.
CANAME This is a variant of MAME that only supports CPS1/2 and NeoGeo drivers.
CPS2MAME This version of Mame only plays CPS2
Games. It's being updated by Razoola from CPS2Shock as he releases new
XOR Tables.
dEfMAME This is a new and illegal MAME derivative by dEf. dEfMAME offers some improvements including 60Hz sync-exact compiles and more testdrivers and is based on the sources of DMAME (MAME for DOS). It should not be run from another DOS environment however like DOSBox). It is illegal however, because banned drivers from newer games such as Metal Slug 4, Samurai Shodown 5, King of Fighters 2002, etc. are enabled, which is in violation of the MAME license. No download is offered here.
EMU+ Compilation with some additional
features, including button autofire and overclocking of the
emulated processors. Optimized for multiple platforms.
EMU+ (Win32) Win32 version of EMU+.
EsMAME This is a Spanish translation of MAME with
support for some unofficial games added.
EsMAME32 This is a Spanish translation of MAME32 with
support for some unofficial games added.
EZMAME32Plus! This is a version of MAME32 that
supports CANAME project's command.dat function, cheat engine system,
toolbar shortcuts, full screen stretch, game selection via joystick,
blur filter disabling and much more.
FANbuild This is a Fanbuild of StretchMAME in French,
it also fixes some bugs.
fastMAME This is a heavily optimized version of MAME for users with less powerful processors (Pentium, AMD K5, Cyrix)
This version of MAME includes various fixes
tothe MAME source as well as Pong and support for various
gambling games, both of which were removed from MAME. FixDEBUG also
includes a debugger for use with the program.
FMAME32 This version of MAME32 that allows for
filters and categories for games to be applied, as well as
multiple versions of MAME to be used.
GLMAME32 A clever hack which adds hardware support
for OpenGL. It offloads scaling, bilinear filtering, and other'remapped'
effects to the 3D hardware, improving the quality inmany cases.
GradiusIImame This is a version of DOS MAME that
onlys upports Gradius2 Japan New Ver. and Gradius2a Japan Old Ver.
HBMAME HBMAME (HomeBrew MAME) is a derivative of MAME, and contains various hacks and homebrews. It is based on the latest MAME source at the time of release. It contains homebrew games meant for arcade hardware, or emulators of arcade hardware; hacks of arcade games; test roms and similar that do not generate revenue; selected bootlegs that are not in MAME; and games that are enhanced or improved but not suitable for MAME.
IMAME A MAME compilation translated to Italian
by I_Morriz.
JMAME32 This version of MAME32 in Japanese and
English that adds support for Folder setting files, changing the order
of games with "The" in the title, auto-fire, additional sampling rates,
200% volume and more.
KBMAME Special version only for Neo Geo games.
Adds 16-bit color support and additional keyboard mappings for
more difficult games.
The C version is more stable but slower,
while the ASM version is faster but less predictable. AMD and Pentium
II- optimized compilations are also available.
MAME Plus! This is a command line and GUI version of Windows
MAME that includes multilingual support, enhanced video effects and more.
MAME Plus! project started in May 2002 (first version 0.60), initially intended to implement Unicode support for MAME. Now Plus! has many features to make it a great unoffical build.
Last update: 2009-02-20
MAME Plus! Plus Kaillera A version of MAME with Kaillera support for online gaming against others.
MAME Plus! Multi J.E.T This is a derivative of Mame Plus! that features Mess drivers (including those for home consoles such as SNES and N64), as well as a lot of supported ROM sets consisting of hacked ROMs (for those who love ROM hacks of their favorite arcade games).
MAME Plus! XT From the creators of MAMEXT, this version of MAME is a derivative of MAME Plus!. Extra features include hiscore.dat support, filters, extra artwork, and movie recording.
MAME(K6) This is the K6 optimized (K6-2, K6-3,
K7) binary archive of MAME.
MAME32 Plus Plus This is a version of MAME that includes a
GUI, uses *.ini files to save settings instead of the
registry, multilingual support, enhanced video effects, enhanced
userinterface, extra folders and more.
MAME32 Sharp This is a modified version of MAME32. Its
only difference is that if you use the RGB triad of 4 pixels effect,
it produces a much better looking stretched effect than regular
video memory induced blurring on modern cards
MAME32ASM MAME32ASM is an unoffical version of
MAME32 that uses an assembly core instead of a C core. It is faster
but more unstable.
MAME32FR A MAME compilation translated toFrench.
MAME32jp This is a Japanese version of MAME32.
MAME32k This is MAME compiled with Kaillera, a
utility that enables Netplay on it (and other emulators that support
MameAnalog+ This variant of MAME lets you use multiple analog controls (eg. Multiple mice).
MAMEAthlon Standard MAME optimized for AMD Athlon processors.
MAMECPS1/2 This is an emulator for CPS1 and CPS2. Based
on MAME. It has been discontinued.
MAMEFANS32 This emulator is a modified version of
the MAME32 that is based in MAME.The idea of MAMEFANS32 is to include new
options that we have seen interestingand MAME32 lacks and toallow a
multilanguage support to have bigger easinessto non englishusers.
MameGrip A MAME compilation that fully supports the
MS Sidewinder, Gravis Gamepad Pro, Gravis Xterminator, and GravisStinger
MameK6 Standard MAME compiled with the k6switch.
MameLANG32 A Mame translated to multiple Languages and
now with Kaillera and Overclocking Support.
MAMEUI This is a Windows version of MAME that includes a GUI. It was formerly known as MAME32 & MAME32UI. Latest release: 2009-03-28
MAMEUIFX Formerly MAME32FX, this is a MAME variant by Mamesick that adds some improvements here and there to MAME including a different method of compilation, sound rate improvements, driver tweaks, and UI/GUI changes.
Latest release: 2009-01-29
MameXT This version of MAME is a derivative of MameUI. Extra features include hiscore.dat support, filters, extra artwork, and movie recording.
MEMA A MAME compilation translated toSpanish.
Metal Mame Metal Mame is a variant of MAME that has some games remixed with the soundtrack of the Heavy Metal MegaDriver band. Due to bandwidth considerations, the sound packs must be downloaded from the author's site.
NeoCPS This is a special port of MAME that
only supports Neo Geo and CPS1/2 games.
NeoMAME A version specifically for Neo Geo games,
with appropriate speed and feature enhancements.
This is the source code.
NeoMAMEw This version supports only Neo Geogames.
NMAME XII This is the Windows version of MAME
that supports Neo Geo games.
NMAMECombo32 A version specifically for Neo Geo games,
with appropriate speed and feature enhancements. This is the
Windows version.
No Name MAME No Name MAME is another derivative of MAME.
It uses source code acquired from across the internet. It is the
ultimate goal of No Name MAME to include the largest amount of features
and support the largest amount of games possible.
PacMAME Provides a quick and easy way to play
Pac-Mangames. PacMAME only supports the Pac-Man sets (including
Ms.Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr., etc.)
The source code.
PinMAME32 Windows version of PinMAME
PinMAMEW PinMAME emulates the hardware found in
many pinball machines created from the late 1970's through
2001. Currently, the following pinball hardware is
emulated: Williams/Bally WPC, Williams/Bally System 11, Williams System
9,Williams System 7, Williams System 6, Williams System 4, Williams
System 3, Data East AlphaNumeric System, Data East 128x16 DMD, DataEast
128x32 DMD, Sega/Stern Whitestar System, Stern MPU-200, BallyMPU-17
& MPU-35, Gottlieb System 80, 80a, 80b, System3(preliminary).
PMAME Optimized for speed increases with
Intel Pentium (i586) processors.
sdlMAME This is an SDL port of Mame maintained by the prolific R Belmont. It usually is kept pretty well in line with the latest of MAME releases.
SFMAME SFMAME, short for Shots Factory Mame,
with screenshot features for CPS, CPS2, Neo-Geo, and other selectedgames.
SmoothMAME Smoothmame is a win32 mame derivative, and
was created for users who desire silky smooth displays in games that
use a non-standard refresh rate of 50 Hz or higher. Very simply, when
using this build, all games in mame will run at exactly 60 Hz - which
results in less flicker for many of them.
StretchMAME Adds full-screen and window stretch to MAME.
This is a test version ofStretchMAME32.
ThunderMAME A series of Japanese derivative versions of MAME emulators.
TourMAME This version of MAME focuses on
compatibilities with TVs
Unofficial MAME CPS1&2 A modified version of CPS2MAME and MAME
which only has support for the CPS1 and CPS2 games.
UOMAME32K This is an unofficial version of MAME
that supports Kaillera netplay, multiple players (up to 6 players),
and more.
VCMAME.NET This is a version of MAME32 that is
compiled using Visual C++ .NET
ViciMame This is a compiled version of MAME
by ViciGamer.
VisualPinMAME Visual PinMAME is an emulation
project which is based on the current PinMAME source code. It creates a Windows COM object which
can be controlled by a scripting language (such as Visual Basic).
RomCenter DAT File.
WolfMame This version of MAME supports recording 'inp' files, files that allow your gameplay to be played back, much like a Zsnes-style ZMV movie.
WPCMame WPCmame is built as a driver added to the
MAME0.37 beta 8 source. All standard MAME "functions" works in
wpcmame(profiler, debugger, cheats, record/playback, command line
switches etc) but remember that it is based on a mame beta release.This
WPC pinball emulator/simulator is not 100% playable. It only emulatesthe
electronic circuit boards and the display in the pinballmachine
backbox. There is no playfield and no balls that you willsee displayed.
However, you can activate switches with youkeyboard, see display
animations, and listen/record the pinballgame sounds.

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