Ganbare Pennant Race!

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Here is a patch which translates the players, menus, graphics with Japanese text, and basic lines in the game. Password screens were left as they were as save states can be used. Apply to a clean ROM with the following hash info Ganbare Pennant Race! (Japan).nes CRC32: D15EDC9A MD5: 1F867BD9127A147391EF98B8A9165699 SHA-1: 1F4D7665E5F8C5D5C7783A630308215AA51E93F6 SHA-256: 5EFE8F930D8F052787D128FBA032438D1905DB7DE36E29C79A0F4475CE2DB3E9 If any issues are present please contact @MrRichard999

Author: MrRichard999 - Proveaux - FlashPV - TheMajinZenki - AgentOrange

Completion: 98%

Genre: Baseball

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