Elnark no Zaihou

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Here is a translation for Treasures of Elnark. This was taken from Guyver’s interpretation from his Russian translation. This patch is 100% complete with a proper title screen now! Enjoy

Author: MrRichard999 & M-Tee

Completion: 100%

Genre: Adventure

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Erunaaku no Zaihou (Japan).nes - NOINTRO CRC32: C759080E MD5: F7B887E5855AE0BFC3F17C652D4C9943 SHA-1: 4F4355AFCFDE87E651C32EDA7610D67C02396FF8 SHA-256: 893BF4B5A853F951BA7BB7D2D9EF632A6D83E29D2727F5F0E0517204ED9D6936 6.59 KB

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