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General General utilities that are both system-specific and system-independent.
Auditing Don't know what you have? Use these tools to gather and/or correct information about your ROM images or CDs
Cheating Whether you're looking to breeze through a game quickly, add some extra challenge, or just try out some weird effects, there seem to be cheats for everything. Check this section out and change the rules a little.
Development Have you ever wanted to write your own demo, or maybe a full-fledged game for your favorite system? Then here are some tools you may find helpful.
Game Modification These tools will assist you in modifying the text, graphics, or level information inside a game, also known as "ROM Hacking". With these utilities, you could translate a foreign favorite into your native language, update a classic with new graphics, or something completely different.
Music Listen to your favorite tunes, whether they're from the 8-bit console you had when you were a kid, or if they're in a more modern format. Alternatively, you can manipulate or view the video from the modern systems.
Plugins Utilities that are add-ons to certain next generation emulators. They can help to improve the graphics, sound, etc.