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14 hours and 11 minutes ago
posted by  martini

PCem version 14 had been released for Windows and Linux.

- WebSite

"PCem is an emulator for old XT/AT-class PCs. It emulates IBM 5150 PC, IBM 5160 XT, Tandy 1000, Generic XT clone, DTK XT clone, Schneider EuroPC, Amstrad PC1512, Sinclair PC200 , Amstrad PC1640, Amstrad PC2086, Amstrad PC3086, IBM AT, Commodore PC30-III, Dell System 200, AMI 286 clone, Acer 386SX/25N, Amstrad MegaPC, AMI 386 clone, AMI 486 clone, AMI WinBIOS 486 clone, AMI PCI 486 clone (Shuttle HOT-433).

With 640k of RAM (1-64mb for AT and 286/386/486), 2 floppy drives (up to 2.88mb), 2 hard drives, CGA, MDA, Hercules, EGA (PC1640 only), VGA or SVGA, SoundBlaster, GameBlaster, GUS, and a mouse. It can run both DOS-based games and booter games, as well as Windows."

14 hours and 14 minutes ago
posted by  martini

QuickPlay 4.6.1 is available for download.

"QuickPlay is a windows-only powerful universal emulator 'frontend-of-frontends', which has support for countless emulators and systems, old and new, with a philosophy of being quick and easy for new users, yet comprehensive and flexible for old-timers. It was written in the heyday of RAD and OO frontends (as such it's written in Delphi), and like other frontends of the time, its very powerful and able to support considerable complexity and customisation (think MAMEUI, but on steroids). However unlike many other frontends of the time, its also very flexible and adaptable, and still updated by enthusiastic supporters. It takes a fresh approach to the backend which, in particular, gives blisteringly-fast search over large and diverse romsets. "

14 hours and 25 minutes ago
posted by  martini

Nova 0.2.0 is available for download.
- Download
- Patreon WebSite
- Twitter

Nova is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Windows. Nova is capable of running several commercial games, but it's still in its early stage.

1. Automatically select regions.
2. Automatically select cartridge types by editing cart.json.
3. Automatically save backup memory.

1 day ago
posted by  dlevere

RomCenter v4.0.0 RC2 is released.

RomCenter is an application written for 32 bit Windows operating systems, designed to help you maintain and organize your emulators roms collection for various gaming systems including computers, consoles, arcade, calculators and handheld.

You can add additional systems through external datafiles available on a lot of sites.

RomCenter can audit your games and report which are working or not. It can fix problems such as bad names, missing roms available elsewhere, and clean your set by removing useless or bad roms and files.

Download: RomCenter v4.0.0 RC2

Source: Here

4 days ago
posted by  dlevere

The new Run-Ahead option in RetroArch 1.7.2 uses frame rollback and multiple-frame emulation to effectively “remove” latency, including latency that is inherent in the original hardware!

Super Mario Bros on the NES, for instance, has a single frame of latency, even on original hardware. This means that Mario begins his jump on the second frame drawn after the A button is pushed.

With "Run-Ahead" in RetroArch enabled and set to "1", this single frame of latency can be erased, allowing Mario to jump on the very next frame!

This is performance BETTER than real hardware can offer!

This video was taken at 240fps on an iPhone, and slowed down further for demonstration purposes.

Easy for anyone to do, as long as you have a smartphone and a computer! No fancy wiring or lights required to test your own setup.
Just put the controller in front of your phone while taking a slow-mo video, and hit a button! Count slow-mo frames (use math to compare to 60fps at real time) on a computer.

Full specs:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P7450
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Latest RetroArch Nightly (3/31/2018)

Random DisplayPort to VGA adapter
Extron VSC 500 (not required, but makes the VGA 240p signal look nicer)
VGA to circuit feeding CRT jungle chip
Sony Trinitron TV

Linux Settings:
Custom 1920x240p EDID via DisplayPort
RetroArch launched in KVM mode through basic command-line (not GUI)

Linux RetroArch settings:
VSync On
Maximum Swapchain Images: 2
Frame Delay: 8
Integer Scaling
No filters
Run-Ahead to Reduce Latency: On
Number of Frames to Run Ahead: 1
Runahead Use Second Instance: On

Input device:
Super Famicom controller
Dual SNES controller to USB adapter - V2, configured to 1ms of lag. Website specs say 2ms minimum, but hey, 1ms was an option in the controls, and Linux reports 1ms poll time…
This video comparison shows how RetroArch emulation can actually react to button inputs more quickly than original NES hardware.

7 days ago
posted by  dlevere

These changes are now available in the latest yuzu canary builds!

Currently, only a few games are confirmed to boot, including:

  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Cave Story+

While these may not be the Switch titles that emulation hobbyists are looking forward to digging into, the fact that games are starting to work shows that yuzu is heading in the right direction. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bumpy road to get here, though!

The Challenge Behind Booting Switch Games

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy, and has been a massive reverse-engineering challenge. Led by bunnei and Subv with contributions from ogniK and jroweboy the team slowly chipped away at stopping point after stopping point to finally get us to this milestone. Special thanks to gdkchan and Ryujinx, as without collaboration, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Also, huge thanks to Lioncash and MerryMage, who have been tirelessly working on the ARMv8 JIT that yuzu uses! Without it, we’d still be in the dark ages of interpreted CPU emulation.

While yuzu is built on top of Citra’s kernel infrastructure, a lot of modification had to be done in order to move things over to the Switch’s services. But the main issues all had to do with the Switch’s GPU.

Because it’s a NVIDIA product, some information was able to be gleamed by sifting through the Nouveau source. Some of the more particularly difficult stopping points were Kernel Synchronization Primitives and Shader Decompilation, but there were many more smaller bumps along the way. On top of that, the rest of the emulator had to be brought up to snuff in order to get games to the point where they would boot.

In the end, this is a small first step toward proper emulation of Nintendo’s exciting console/handheld hybrid. None of the games booting are especially stable and emulation is in a very, very early state.

What does yuzu Require?

Right now, most games won’t run, and the games that do run will run incredibly slow and only get so far before encountering issues. We recommend you have as fast of a processor as possible and a GPU that supports OpenGL 4.3 or newer.



9 days ago
posted by  martini

AppleWin v1.27.2 has been released:

AppleWin is an Apple II emulator for Windows platform. It is open source under the GNU GPL V2 license.

10 days ago
posted by  dlevere

VirtuaNES for 3DS v1.02 Released

This is a port of VirtuaNES to 3DS as an alternative to existing NES emulators. It used to be considered one of the best emulators before FCE and Nestopia, and it runs quite fast for lower spec-ed computers (at the cost of some emulation accuracy). But because of that, the Old 3DS / 2DS is able to benefit from this fast running emulator core. This runs full speed on an old 3DS/2DS with support for tons of mappers. Although it doesn't support every single mapper, the library of games that can run on this are probably fairly huge already.

As always this will also work on a new 3DS.

Download latest from Github:

To use:

Homebrew Launcher:

  1. Copy virtuanes_3ds.3dsx, virtuanes_3ds.smdh and virtuanes_3ds_top.png into the /3ds/virtuanes_3ds on your SD card.
  2. Place your NES ROMs inside any folder.
  3. Go to your Homebrew Launcher (either via Cubic Ninja, Soundhax or other entry points) and launch the virtuanes_3ds emulator.

CIA Version:

  1. Use your favorite CIA installer to install virtuanes_3ds.cia into your CFW. You can also use FBI to download from TitleDB.
  2. Place your NES ROMs inside any folder.
  3. Copy virtuanes_3ds_top.png to ROOT of your SD card.
  4. Exit your CIA installer and go to your CFW's home screen to launch the app.


  1. To load .FDS games, make sure that you get the FDS BIOS.
  2. Rename the BIOS to disksys.rom and place it in /3ds/virtuanes_3ds/bios/disksys.rom

When in-game:

  1. Tap the bottom screen for the menu.
  2. Use Up/Down to choose option, and A to confirm. (Hold down X while pressing Up/Down to Page Up/Page Down)
  3. Use Left/Right to change between ROM selection and emulator options.
  4. You can quit the emulator to your homebrew launcher / your CFW's home screen.

It uses the same familiar user interface as Snes9x for 3DS.

What's Supported:

1. Lots of mappers (*ROM mappers; MMC1,3,5,6; VRC1,2,3,4,6,7; and tons of others)

2. Enable/Disable of flickering sprites
(sprites in the games on real hardware flicker due to hardware limitation, but an emulator can ignore these limitations for a better visual output)

3. Sound generation at a nice 32000 Hz with a low pass filter.

4. Button configuration, and setting of rapid fire rate (no rapid fire, to very very fast)


11 days ago
posted by  dlevere

"Someone" has posted NES and Sega Master System emulators for those of us running a hacked PS4 on firmware 4.55.

Named respectively PS4NES and PS4Gear System, the two emulators are said to be in very early stages by m0rph3us1987, who posted the links. So treat them as proof-of-concept tools for now.


11 days ago
posted by  dlevere

Full investigation shows King of Kong star used emulators, not real hardware.

Twin Galaxies, the long-running video game high score tracker recognized by Guinness World Records, has banned Billy Mitchell and removed all of his past scores from its listings after determining that two million-plus-point Donkey Kong performances he submitted were actually created with an emulator, and not on original arcade hardware as he consistently claimed. The move means that the organization now recognizes Steve Wiebe as the first player to achieve a million point game in Donkey Kong, a question central to the 2007 cult classic documentary The King of Kong.

Nearly two months ago, Mitchell's scores were also removed from the leaderboards at Donkey Kong Forum. Forum moderator Jeremy "Xelnia" Young cited frame-by-frame analysis of the board transitions in Mitchell's Donkey Kong tapes, which showed visual artifacts suggesting they were generated by early versions of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) and not original Donkey Kong arcade hardware.


11 days ago
posted by  martini

LaunchBox.Next was released:

"If you haven't noticed, LaunchBox 8.2 just came out with some awesome new features, most notably LaunchBox.Next! LaunchBox.Next is a modern re-imagining of the main LaunchBox interface, and we're giving it away free for all users, just like the original LaunchBox.

Source: LaunchBox Forums"

"LaunchBox is a emulators frontend for the Windows Platform. It supports several emulators, including support DOSBox, Steam and ScummVM launching. It also downloads the games artwork from several sources. It is freeware but you can also buy "LaunchBox Premium" that has more customization options."

11 days ago
posted by  martini

Hello, All!

This week, I released updates to VGBAnext and iNES emulators for Android. Both apps were recompiled with stricter compiler warnings, revealing a bunch of issues. I have fixed all the newly found bugs and also deprecated some older code. Finally, I added cheats for more GameBoy games, including everybody's favorite Final Fantasy Legend. See below for all the details.

VGBAnext 5.8.4 -- GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic Emulator
* Currently on $2.99 sale at Google Play.
* Fixed bug when writing bytes to palette RAM.
* Fixed bug when reading words from BIOS.
* Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
* Deprecated -DNEW_STATES and -DSOUND options.
* Made sure first player always gets stock gamepad on Nvidia ShieldTV.
* Either player can open menu or exit emulation now.
* Added Cheatopedia cheats for 12 more GameBoy Color games.
* Added cheats for Final Fantasy Legend.
* Added cheats for ECW Hardcore Revolution.
* Added cheats for ESPN International Track & Field.
* Added cheats for Elevator Action and F-1 Boy.
* Added cheats for European Super League and Fastest Lap.
* Added cheats for F-1 Pole Position and Flash.
* Added cheats for Fire Fighter and Flappy Special.
* Added cheats for Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge.

iNES 5.2.1 -- Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom Emulator
* Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
* Fixed applying trainer code embedded in .NES files.
* Fixed mapper #5 (MMC5 used in Castlevania 3, etc).
* Fixed mapper #37 (Super Mario Bros. + Tetris + Nintendo World Cup).
* Fixed mapper #47 (Super Spike V'Ball + Nintendo World Cup).
* Fixed saved state size on 64bit systems.
* Made sure first player always gets stock gamepad on Nvidia ShieldTV.
* Either player can open menu or exit emulation now.
* State file size may have grown a bit, still compatible with older files.
* Deprecated -DNEW_STATES option.

Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

11 days ago
posted by  martini

DS4Windows 1.4.117 is available for download:

- Download

- Source Code

DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a XBox 360 controller, many more games are accessible.

11 days ago
posted by  martini

NO$X51 version 1.5 is available for download:

"AMT630A Emulator/Debugger. This project started back in 2001, at that time it's been emulating 80C31/80C51/P8xCE558 single-chip 8-bit microcontrollers, which didn't have too much pratical use as it didn't emulate whatever peripherals (like tape decks, washing machines, servo motors, temperature sensors, etc.).
As of 2018 it turned into a fully fledged AMT630A emulator with 320x240 pixel TFT video, and standard 3KEY keypad input, allowing to create/debug AMT630A software...

NO$X51 is available for the Windows platform and an older version for DOS."

11 days ago
posted by  martini

BizHawk v2.2.2 is available for donwload.

BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. It is available for Windows and MacOS. It is open source software released under the MIT License.

The supported systems are:
* Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom / Famicom Disk System (NES/FDS)
* Super Nintendo (SNES)
* Nintendo 64
* Gameboy
* Gameboy Color
* Super Gameboy
* Sega Master System
* SG-1000
* Game Gear
* Sega Genesis
* Sega Saturn
* PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM
* SuperGrafx
* Atari 2600
* Atari 7800
* ColecoVision
* TI-83 Calculator
* Wonderswan

- URL:

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