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1 day ago
posted by  dlevere

Reddit user CidVonHighwind has ported Gearboy, a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator, to the new Oculus Go headset.

The app projects a giant virtual screen into a darkened environment where you can play classics like Pokemon Blue (or Red, if you're on the wrong side of history), Super Mario Land 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and much more. You'll need to connect a game pad to your Go in order to play.

You can download the emulator via GitHub and then follow these instructions for side loading apps onto Oculus Go. Once you’re ready you can load in ROM's and be on your way.


2 days ago
posted by  dlevere

This is a Enhanced Community Edition. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PC's and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

However, it is not restricted to running only games. In theory, any MS-DOS or PC-DOS (referred to commonly as "DOS") application should run in DOSBox, but the emphasis has been on getting DOS games to run smoothly, which means that communication, networking and printer support are still in early development.

DOSBox ECE differs from normal DOSBox in these features:

* Emulation of a 3Dfx Voodoo card through OpenGL (No external Glide wrapper needed!)
* 4x, 5x and 6x scaling in windowed mode is possible
* Pixel-perfect output mode for undistorted scaling of the picture
* Improved emulation of OPL3 (a FM sound synthesis chip from Yamaha)
* Improved sound of PC speaker emulation
* Emulation des Roland MT-32-Midisynthesizers
* Integration of Fluidsynth (a software MIDI synthesizer with Soundfont support)

Download: DOSBox ECE SVN r4119

Source: Here

11 days ago
posted by  martini

GameEx 15.32 is available for download:

"GameEx is a front-end for MAME, GameBase, Daphne, PC Games and all command line based game emulators. Supported Operating Systems are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3+, Windows Server 2003 SP2+, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012."

12 days ago
posted by  martini

PPSSPP ver 1.6.3 has been released:

PPSSPP is a PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator for the Android and Windows platforms. This emulator has a free version and a paid Gold version.

12 days ago
posted by  martini

Fuse version 1.5.4 is available for download:


"The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse): an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones for Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. It is open source under the GNU GPL License."

13 days ago
posted by  martini

Hello, All!

Over the last two weeks, I updated my VGB, ColEm, and Speccy emulators,
adding replay improvements to all three. See below for all the changes.

VGB 5.4 -- Nintendo GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic, Super GameBoy Emulator
* Added ability to browse through paused replay.
* During replay, press LEFT and RIGHT keys to browse.
* Press UP to resume replay, any other key to continue.
* Press any other button to continue playing.
* Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
* Made replay code always return "replay-ended" when replay ended.
* Made WaitJoystick() exit when window closed.
* Added Cheatopedia cheats for 7 more games.
* Added cheats for two Japanese GameBoy Wars games.
* Added cheats for Harley Davidson: Race Across America.
* Added cheats for Hands Of Time and Generations.

Speccy 4.8 -- Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Its Clones Emulator
* Based on Speccy 4.8 for Windows and Linux.
* Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
* Added ability to browse through paused replay.
* During replay, press [UP] to pause or resume.
* When replay paused, press [LEFT] and [RIGHT] to browse.
* Press any other button to continue playing.

ColEm 4.6 -- ColecoVision Emulator
* Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
* Added ability to browse through paused replay.
* During replay, press UP to pause or resume.
* When replay paused, press LEFT and RIGHT to browse.
* Press any other button to continue playing.
* Now cancelling replay if any key or button is pressed.
* Made WaitJoystick() exit when window closed.

ColEm Deluxe and AlmostTI emulators are currently on sale at Google

Best regards,
Marat Fayzullin

13 days ago
posted by  dlevere

When it was revealed that select Nintendo Wii games would be ported to the Shield (for China only), it got people wondering how well they would run, and if its emulation would be passable enough for use on the Nintendo Switch.

Digital Foundry, a team of reporters that are dedicated to finding how well games run thanks to frame-by-frame comparisons, have decided to tackle Super Mario Galaxy for Nvidia Shield, to test how well the game runs. You can see their entire analysis in the video below.

If you'd rather see a written report, the parent company of Digital Foundry - Eurogamer has done an in depth article on it as well.


13 days ago
posted by  dlevere

LaiNES / LaiNESwitch has been released:

- Binary
- Source
- Source code at Github

LaiNES is a compact, cycle-accurate NES emulator in ~1000 lines of C++ and LaiNESwitch is the Nintendo Switch version. It is open source software under the BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License.

13 days ago
posted by  Montie2k

The SNES emulator Snes9X was updated to version 1.56 yesterday and then updated to version 1.56.1 today. Here's what's new:

  • Increased the speed of SA1 emulation to match hardware more closely.
  • Fixed negative SA1 division
  • Changed the location where we poll input to potentially reduce lag.
  • Fixed the interlace fields being swapped after skipping frames.
  • More updates for BS-X support.
  • Updated xBRZ to version 1.6.
  • Added a DMA timing hack for rpgone's Koryu no Mimi translation.
  • Updated HDMA to not update indirect addresses until after transfers are completed.
  • Improved cheats support. This stores cheats in a human-readable and editable format as gamename.cht. Cheats are converted from the old format on load. They can be added in many different formats, but they will convert to the simple address=condition?byte format. Also, now included is mightymo's cheat database, and the ability to match a game and automatically load cheats from it.
  • Don't reset a pending NMI on vblank end. Fixes Super Punch-Out.
  • Redo NMI timing. Fixes Secret of Evermore (PAL).
  • Test for transparency before dithering on SuperFX. This fixes some graphical artifacts in Star Fox.
  • Change some of the SDD1 guesswork mapping. Fixes a Tales of Phantasia hack.
  • Return PPU1 MDR for reads of $2137 instead of CPU MDR. Fixes Mario's Time Machine graphical glitch.
  • Memset less memory for sprite calculations.
  • Don't spuriously update register 14 when running SuperFX. Fixes graphical glitches in Doom.
  • Added a SuperFX clock modifier variable.
  • Write CPU MDR during some DMA and HDMA transfers. Fixes Speedy Gonzales and Funaki Masakatsu Hybrid Wrestler.
  • Calculate next IRQ time in advance instead of continously checking for it.
  • Added some IRQ timing quirks. Fixes at least Marko's Magic Football.
  • Fixed wrong tile selection in offset-per-tile mode.
  • Advance the VRAM pointer even if VRAM writes at the time are invalid.
  • Return 0x80 instead of 0xff in DSP1 simulation. Fixes Powerfest '94 Mario Kart.
  • Initialize controllers on reset. Fixes Looney Tunes B-Ball multitap.
  • Attached APU instruction tracer and made some additions to debugging output.
  • Fix line doubling in interlaced mode.
  • Added support for M.A.C.S. rifle peripheral.
  • Fixed a bug where the MSU1 channels were reversed.
  • Automatic input rate now only works for close multiples of 60Hz.
  • Win32: Added dynamic rate control support for XAudio2
  • Win32: Added different volume level configuration for regular and turbo speed.
  • Win32: Added option to disable EPX scaling for messages
  • Win32: Improve multi-rom loading.
  • Win32: Add libpng and zlib dependencies as submodules for easier compiling from source.
  • Win32: Fixed icon registration.
  • Win32: Better support for running while unfocused.
  • Win32: Changed icon.
  • Win32: Report hidpi support.
  • Win32: Added mute hotkey and hotkeys for saving/loading from file.
  • Win32: Disabled hotplugging in favor of a menu option to reconfigure joysticks.
  • Win32: Added a reduce input lag option.
  • Win32: Added ability to use GLSLP shaders with OpenGL, including a dialog to tweak custom parameters.
  • Win32: Cheats are now shown in the correct order in the list view.
  • GTK+: Added dynamic rate control support for audio to reduce buffer overflows and underflows.
  • GTK+: Increased SDL requirement to version 2.0. This improves joystick compatibility.
  • GTK+: Improved GTK+ 3.0 support and made it the default.
  • GTK+: Added ability to start from a snapshot on the command line.
  • GTK+: Added automatic input rate handling.
  • GTK+: Use 16-bit 5-6-5 pixel format for better colors.
  • GTK+: Now disables the compositor in fullscreen mode.
  • GTK+: Changed icon.
  • GTK+: Require libepoxy for OpenGL support.
  • GTK+: Add full compatibility with GLSLP shaders, with a parameters dialog to configure them.
  • GTK+: Check for version greater than 3.22 when using GTK+ 3.
  • GTK+: Don't resize code and description field in GTK+ 2.
  • Unix: Add xinerama support and window position hints.

You can grab it at our Snes9x download page.

15 days ago
posted by  dlevere

Progress in Switch/PSVita emulation with more games booting, Lakka ported to the Switch, MAME 0.198, Cemu 1.12.1 and Nova 0.3 released, and more!

- Check the article.

16 days ago
posted by  martini

My NES version 7.3.6725 is available for download:

- WebSite

"My NES is a portable open source NES/Famicom emulator written in C#. "

16 days ago
posted by  martini

Nova 0.3.0 is available for download.
- Download
- Patreon WebSite
- Twitter

Nova is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Windows. Nova is capable of running several commercial games, but it's still in its early stage.

1. Automatically select regions.
2. Automatically select cartridge types by editing cart.json.
3. Automatically save backup memory.

16 days ago
posted by  martini

Cemu 1.12.1b is available for download:
- WebSite

Cemu is an experimental Wii U emulator for the Windows x64 platform.

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