Super Real Baseball '88

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This patch will convert all the team players and names into English and make the game more easier to navigate and play for English players. When selecting the players in the menus keep in mind that the player names are done vertically (up+down) instead of the traditional text display. We hope you enjoy the release! PLEASE APPLY THE PATCH TO THE FOLLOWING ROM. THE PATCH IS IN .BPS FORMAT SO "BEAT" PATCHING TOOL IS RECOMMENDED. Super Real Baseball '88 - English.NES CRC32: CA4E7B9E MD5: 8BFDC31724D6DEB0BEDE42A5A3206665 SHA-1: A03587DB7962B02E5C827A6F3300EDDF2457FDFA SHA-256: 21939D3C027E762D2E0F00EA19A10370CE4018C9A78CF0163AD8F81A33A02C8E

Author: MrRichard999 - Proveaux - TheMajinZenki - Jink640 - FlashPV

Completion: 100%

Genre: Baseball

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