Moero!! Juudou Warriors

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Here is a full English translation for Moero!! Juudou Warriors. All the dialogues, menus, and text. Currently the password system still retains the Japanese characters over the letters but everything else is complete! Please apply the BPS patch to the following ROM with the matching hash info below. Moero!! Juudou Warriors (Japan) CRC32: 0A186CD1 MD5: 8A1B591D066AFEA9010EA40F52090568 SHA-1: 31BDA7025CDD017C55CC3A44DC03BE2EC50B4A42 SHA-256: 670A9A05B01236312E08F03E6E6617C6794B8D12FE7D60DAC6A12933121F223D

Author: MrRichard999 - TheMajinZenji - FlashPV

Completion: 99.9%

Genre: Fighting (Judo)

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