Paris-Dakar Rally Special!

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Here is a full English translation for Paris-Dakar Rally Special. All the dialogue and basic menus are know readable and the game can be fully enjoyed. Paris-Dakar Rally Special is a rally racing game developed by ISCO for the Famicom and published by CBS Sony Group in Japan on February 1, 1988. It is an imaginative racing game with platformer and action-adventure elements. It features Dakar Rally cars that could fire bullets, a driver with the ability to exit the car and go exploring to lower a bridge or bypass other obstacles, underwater driving sections, and at times having avoid a fleet of tanks and fighter jets. Each stage features its own unique twist.

Author: MrRichard99 / AgentOrange / Pacnsacdave / Proveux

Completion: 100%

Genre: Racing

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Paris-Dakar Rally Special (Japan) - NOINTRO CRC32: 4B662975 MD5: 63660030CD62373D466253E561C918DA SHA-1: B056C3B96688D2D9E996FB49A2A398634E5C2EBF SHA-256: 6D4A563073CACDC811F9A26EBEDB4F8079552603FD88CD8FFB3287E991E54A1E 3.10 KB

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