Submit Music

If you would like to submit music to the site, please upload the file to a file locker (such as Mediafire) or cloud service (such as Google Drive or iCloud) and send me an email to webmaster [at] or through the contact form.

Please note that this is a website for gamerips - this means music that is extracted from games, not soundtracks. Please note the game and console/computer it comes from in your email!


Submit Tags

If you see a game that has unnamed songs and you can fill in the blanks for everybody, please do so! Everybody looking for music from a particular game loves to see a track list with correct names.

To make the process easier, please download the MP3 files for the songs, rename them, upload them to a file locker or cloud service, and email them to me.

Why not just send me the song names? You can do this for shorter song lists, but normally there are a lot of songs for a single game, and copy-pasting song names is prone to errors. It simply makes more sense if you just rename the files as they should be and send them over.