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High atop the Himalayas, ancient devils are stirring beneath the ice after ten thousand years of imprisonment. Archdemon Xenon, their four-faced master unleashes them upon the Earth much to the chagrin of humanity. You are Akira Fudo who combines with a powerful ancient demon named Amon to become Devilman! Six levels of fire, ice, water,secret demon research labs, Tokyo ruins, and much more to explore as Devilman, Akira, his friends, or girlfriend Miki! Four exciting alternate endings!

Author: snark

Author's website:

Completion: 100%

Genre: Action-Adventure

Name Description Filesize
Misc Files Readme file contains plot synopsis, walkthrough, and passwords. 13.69 KB
Patch file Patch version 1.0 c. 2009 for Devilman/ Go Nagai's Debiruman for Famicom/NES c. 1989. 13.69 KB

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