Itadaki Street: Watashi no Mise ni Yottette

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Here is a partial release for Itadaki Street - Watashi no Mise ni Yottette. Currently the beginning part of the game and the level intro screens are done but there is still much left to do. This was posted just in case the current work was lost.

Author: MrRichard999 / Eric Engel / MarsRaven

Completion: 10%

Genre: Boardgame

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Itadaki Street - Watashi no Mise ni Yottette (Japan).nes - NOINTRO CRC32: 93A59FE7 MD5: 88A2F65B9B6879C77DA55F6C034B7DA3 SHA-1: EBF0DB0D6A34EA0D64D33EDA25D7246A66E34F2C SHA-256: 180D86921D3F991C1209A170313B3E1C9950CEF43192B6527070FCCA89134A88 3.92 KB

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