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Final Fantasy VI Hacks

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Name Description
7-Z New Enemy.
Angel Fight a new enemy called angel and win the Masamune that is more powerfull then the Illumina.
Baron Music in Figaro This hack replaces the 'Figaro Castle' music with Final Fantasy IV's 'Castle Baron' music.
Big Brush Gives Relm a big brush in combat.
Bio-Hazzard New enemy.
Controllable Rage This is where you can control Gau.
CPU & Company Go to the town of Zozo and you will run into a fight with the CPU.
Darkstar Quest This is a hack that adds a new story and changes the names of the characters, stats,and other things.
Eclipse New enemy.
Evade Bug Fix Patch Fixes the evade percentage so that it actually works. Evade now helps dodgeattacks. Blind status cuts hit rate in half for the attacker. And other details.
Expanded Palettes Hack This patch is intended for those who are creating or using new, custom sprites for new or altered playable characters. It allows the use of colors that, for strange technical reasons, were in the past not usable by any character who would participate in battle. In essence, this patch expands the number of colors you can use for PCs, which gives you greater freedom in creating custom PC sprites.
FF3-Sephiroth Patch FULL This patch was an upgrade version of the previous Sephiroth Patch. Because of the problems from the previous patch. I made a FULL Patch with no more problems. Consider this to be the final release of the patch.
FF3/6 Patch Another Final Fantasy 3 US hack where alot of stats of the game has been changed and also the font and other graphics.
FF3NPC (Non-Playable Characters) Along the same lines as that General Leo hack, only this time he drew some of the graphics himself. In this hack he switched Locke for Shadow's past alter ego, Clyde. He also changed some of the dialogue. If you need to know anything else about this, the readme in the zip file discusses the changes in more detail.
ff3Omnispoof This is a complete parody on Final Fantasy 6/3 for the SNES. Nearly all of the text was changed, and various graphics and enemies have been hacked as well... Word of warning from the author: This patch contains some adult language and should not be played by people that are easily offended.
FF6 - Brave New World FF6 - Brave New World is a fairly complete overhaul of Final Fantasy VI, featuring… Character-based esper restrictions & new stat boosts that promote greater diversity and allow for customized development. New and reworked formulas which rescue everything that isn’t magic or magic evasion from the dump-stat heap. Rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills that aim to remove dead weight and give players more (and better) choices. A complete overhaul of enemies from their stats to their behavior to better challenge veteran players and newcomers alike. Tons of bugfixes, as well as remedies to many of the game’s more annoying aspects (such as rage hunting taking a lifetime). A new script that restores much of what was lost in translation and builds on existing plotlines and characterization. And much, much more, detailed in the Readme (particularly section 4).
FF6: Is the Best Game Ever If you need more info than you could possibly want for this version, I have the excel sheet used to create this game, as well as a supplementary documents for easier reading attached.
FF6v1.2 This is a extensive hack of Final Fantasy 3. Featuring the Final Fantasy 6 title screen and also being able to sprint without the sprint boots. Alot of other stuff has been renamed to the origonal japanese verion. And alot of other details. Check the readme for more. Better yet just play.
Final Fantasy 2-3 This is a hack that pits you against Edge, Cecil, Kain and others.
Final Fantasy 3 Cheeseball Edition This hack is a that enhances the text and makes it more interesting sort of like a spoof.
Final Fantasy 3 Donut This is a spoof hack, and from the screenshots, it does have it's moments.
Final Fantasy 3 Modified This is a small graphical and translation cleanup.
Final Fantasy 3 Nova This hack has changes to the main characters, starting stats,magic spells,monsters, well just about everything in the game.
Final Fantasy 3 NPC 2 Another graphics hack that puts the NPC characters in the place of the main ones. Apparently the second one.
Final Fantasy 3 NPC 3 Another graphics hack that puts the NPC characters in the place of the main ones. This would be the third one.
Final Fantasy 3 Remix This hack is a game difficulty improvement, making it very challenging.
Final Fantasy 3 to 6 Changes the names of Spells, Items and Characters in the game to be more true to the original Japanese (Translated). Fire2 becomes Fira etc. The Czar Dragon can now be fought, various characters come equipped with new items, and so on.
Final Fantasy 3(US) Spoof FF3 spoof with graphical changes, lots of overworld shortcuts, items renamed and more.
Final Fantasy 6 Tactics A hack to make the game more similar to Final Fantasy Tactics by converting some of the gameplay, items and characters to be more similar to those in FFT.
Final Fantasy 7 - The Side History Ready characters: Aeris, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Cait Sith, Cid, Vincent, Barret and Zack(General Leo).
Final Fantasy III US Bugfix Patch This patch fixes the large amount of bugs in the spelling, grammar, story continuity, and even programming of Final Fantasy III (US version). It also transforms the game into version 1.1 and even allows you to play the game completely bug-free in PAL video mode, if preferred! Please be aware that the sole intention of this patch is to fix issues that are clearly identifiable as *errors* in the game. Thus, it does NOT reverse changes in the text made by the US translator, restore censored graphics or the original FF6 titlescreen, etc.
Final Fantasy III US HardType+ (FF3usHT) This is a difficult hack of Final Fantasy III US. In addition to being challenging there are new monsters, some dialogue changes, and a whole new way of learning magic.
Final Fantasy Map Change Part 1 of a 2 part map hack that changes the overworld map of the World of Balance so that there are land bridges between all the major areas, thus removing dungeon crawls entirely.
Final Fantasy Map Change II Part 2 of a 2 part map hack that changes the overworld map of the World of Ruin so that there are land bridges between all the major areas, thus removing dungeon crawls entirely.
Final Fantasy VI - Hand Cursor in dialogue choices This simple hack replaces the arrow cursor that appears in dialogue choices by a hand cursor in respect to the tradition of the series. This hack is available with both for the Japanese and American versions of the game, and cross-compatible with other translations and hacks.
Final Fantasy VI - The Eternal Crystals Version X is a new re-hack of the old "Eternal Crystals" hack (versions 9.08 and earlier). The other versions were built on top of one another, where this one was started from an original ROM and matched many of the aspects of the older versions. This is a completely playable hack from beginning to end. It maintains the BASIC structure of the original game, but is loaded with surprises. **Note: Using a save game (srm file) or savestate from another FF3 ROM will mess up this hack.
Final Fantasy VI Expert Version 2 This is a hack of FF3 that obviously makes the game harder. However, many things are altered, such as characters, enemies, items, weapons, etc.
Final Fantasy VI Expert Version 2
Final Fantasy VI Hardtype This hack has increased enemy stats, given the AI new (and smarter moves) while altering equipment and Espers. Equipment has been made more unique to each character, and certain characters have new skillsets- for example, Mog has Jump instead of Attack. Equipment has been rebalanced, meaning you won’t see any more Genji Glove/Offering combos. You’ll have to form strategies to deal with each boss! Additionally, most glitch fix patches have already been applied to the game.
Final Fantasy VI Ultra Easy Enemies This is a hack for Final Fantasy VI. This makes most if not all of the enemies very easy to beat. You should be able to beat the game in under 12 hours.
Final Farce This is a text only dialouge hack where the storyline has been changed drasticly. PC characters begin to worship Kefka and then in the end fight him anyways.
Geburah, Chokmah, Netzach, and Tiphemeth These are new enemies in the dino forest that will own you. If you think Your the pro then try this patch. Prepare to get bashed.
General Leo Edition This hack alters events of the game such that General Leo joins the party after the events at Thamasa in the World of Balance. The story has been tweaked in various ways so that this development makes sense in context. Shadow is demoted to “guest character” status in order to make room for Leo. Leo is a fully-realized party member. His equipment can be changed, he can equip relics and Espers, he can learn spells, he has a unique Desperation Attack, he has his own “rejoining” scenario in the World of Ruin, and he has his own scene during the ending. Other changes include: new scenes and more screentime for minor characters, many new equipment items, the restoration of the dummied rages, modified shops and treasure chest contents, and more.
Golbeze Changes Hidon to Golbeze.
Heaven and Hell This hack contains new monsters to fight that will own you.
Kimerus 3 New enemy.
Leo/Virgo/Hell This hack is like Heaven and Hell. The differences is that the enemies are in different places and the hack is fully playable.
Limited Magic This patch restricts which characters can utilize magic.
Omega 2 Fight Omega in the dinosaur forest.
Omega Weapon Prepare to get owned once again by the Omega Weapon in the Dinosaur Forest.
Pony Fantasy 6 - Better Monsters QuickFixBrony's Pony Fantasy 6 Hack, with several improve monster sprites
Return of the Dark Sorcerer Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a very large Final Fantasy VI hack that’s been in development for about 5 years. It has had many different hands on to help get it to where it is today. This hack promises to showcase some of the challenging aspects of FFVI hacking, as well as plenty of fun and exciting new content – from an all new cast of playable characters with customized movesets, a radically changed story with many new and edited events, new overworld maps, a whole new soundtrack, increase in difficulty, lots of new battle scripts for monsters & bosses, and tons of spritework.
Rippler Bug Fix Patch This bug fix keeps the Rippler spell/lore from swapping all status instead of some of them.
RK spoof of 1 Makes some changes in the Colleseum and other dialog changes. Some adult content.
RK spoof of 2 Fight the red mage in the dino forest and other changes.
Rking, Sarisa, Reaper These enemies have been added to the game from other final fantasy games.
Seiryuu This hack of Final Fantasy 3 adds a really tough boss to make the game more challenging. It looks promising.
Shadow to Karl This is a hack of Final Fantasy 3 with the character Shadow replaced by Karl the excellent imperial soldier. And the dialog and other things have been changed to reflect this.
Shinryuu2 Fight this incredibly hard enemy from FF5 in the Dino forest.
Skyblade's FF3 Spoof This is a pure spoof of FF3, complete with foul language and suggestive situations. Recommended for more mature gamers.
Star Wars flavored Atma weapon Change the Atma weapon into a green or red light sabre.
Summon This! This patch adds normal functioning to the unused Summon command. It allows the player to not need a Magic or Lore command to use in battle.
Super Atma This hack has a new quest, monsters and enemy attacks. The dialogue has been changed and you need to talk to everyone.
Sword Tech Ready Stance This patch speeds up the Sword Tech gauge and makes possible to select any Sword Tech level without significant delay. After the Sword Tech level is selected, the time of the ready stance of the character is updated accordantly. The character will quietly charge up the Sword Tech level and the player can give commands to the party. Two versions are available. The first version erases the Retort code and make it behaves like a normal Sword Tech. The second version preserves the Retort functionality.
Synchronized Palettes The patch will synchronize the palettes used in the game engine in a unique palette table. The C2/CE2B table of palettes will be used as a unique palette setting for the mentioned characters. The patch is aimed for hackers interested in sprite editing and it is of limited use otherwise.
The Light Warriors vs. Final Fantasy VI This patch for FF3US adds in six of the old characters from Final Fantasy with a rather extreme degree of difficulty.
There can be only one! Runic is a bit of a gimmicky ability, but it has many, many flaws as well. First, if multiple entities have Runic, and a single-target spell is used, all Runic-able entities will try to absorb the spell. Every said entity will lose Runic, regardless if they were the target or not. Runic's MP absorbtion takes elements into account, making it possible to absorb half, none, or even lose MP by raising the sword. This is obviously illogical. Runic will also absorb MP even if no Runic-able weapon exists to do so, but that has already been addressed by assassin.
Tyran Music Hack This hack inserts Chrono Trigger's "Tyran Castle" music into FF3us. It replaces both 'Fanatics' and 'Last Dungeon'.
Ultimate Czar dragon boss fight (final version) With this boss i'm aiming to create and make it being officially the hardest FF6 boss hack existing in the world, and hopefully defend this title forever, but i don't want to make it just a torture for the player, i worked also on graphical aspects, and made the whole fight atmosphere really epic(and tragic?) Features in short terms: - The balance is the same of vanilla version; - Classic mode or Epic mode? 1) Classic is the standard update of 1.0 version 2) Epic is the same of Classic mode + some extra feature, like buffed Umaro, customized desperations, the battle takes place in the final battle, instead of Kefka's battle, an will be splitted in the 4 stages, like the final battle... that also means that you're going to fight the dragon with 12 characters :laugh: - The boss have 1.300.000 HP splitted in 20 forms; - Brutal counters to cheap attacks; - He calls the 8 dragons, they are buffed too; (we might say the hack has 9 bosses) - Music and BG changes during the battle - Quick item farm: buy stuff from Jidoor shops; (WoR) - Quick EXP/AP/GP farm: fight leafers in WoB or monsters in solitary island(WoR) - AI script total length is 4200 bytes
Ultimatium This hack adds or modifies six different monsters with a tougher set of stats.
Unhardcoded Tintinabar This patch unhardcodes the Tintinabar to no longer be exclusive to a specific item. You have a choice of keeping it to a single party member, or to go with what the data slightly suggests and make it a party-wide effect.
Vanish/Doom fix patch Disables Vanish/Doom
Vargas Edition This Final Fantasy 3 hack is a grammar hack and has completly new dialog.
yme's patch All espers have been nulled with the exception of Crusader. Also only Terra and Celes can use magic and other stuff.
Zom Vargas and Valdor New Enemies.

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