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Chrono Trigger Hacks

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Name Description
Chrono Trigger - Envy Hack Changes made are as follows: Overhaul on dialogue Some things explored better in the story Frog talks normal, yet crass Lots of adult language and scenarios Spoof elements will be found A few lines retranslated & other improvements “Cleaned” text boxes to be arranged in a more appealing way Story remains the same Weapons/Armor Many slight param/effect changes & a few great changes Several pieces of equipment renamed Deleted/dummy weapons put into game via enemy drops/steals. They were empty, so names, params & effects were made up. Gameplay Enemies made slightly stronger Exp & Tech points received decreased for each enemy Few minor bugs, listed in readme
Chrono Trigger - Flames of Eternity WARNING - May encounter glitches with SNES9X, use ZSNES for best results. Flames of Eternity is a hack which picks up from the leaked final version of Crimson Echoes which was formerly worked on by Kajar Laboratories. Improvements and glitch fixes have been made to the old version of the patch and also more items and weapons have been added also. What this hack intends to do is play as a pseudo sequel to the original Chrono Trigger and be a prequel to Chrono Cross. This is a hack that is definitely worth checking out!
Chrono Trigger Bugfix Patch This hack is a bugfix patch that fixes heaps of errors in the game text, such as typos, spelling, punctuation, graphics, and logical bugs, along with some others. It even includes the fix of "DIRECTER" in the opening credits. Have fun!
Chrono Trigger Impossible Chrono Trigger Impossible is a hack of Chrono Trigger (U) rom making it more difficult to beat than before. Unlike some other hard mods, this one has been tested properly and is fully playable from the beginning to the end. Although the name may lead you thinking otherwise, the hack is no way impossible to beat. Yet you will have to rely on information RPGClassics has about Chrono Trigger unless you remember everything by heart; mainly on the walkthrough explaining, how to get all of the secret items you may not know about because this hack simply assumes you’ve found all of them (mails for absorbing elemental damage, best weapons and armour in late of the game etc.). For advanced using, this hack only affects the enemy data and some character data related to starting out the game. Basically, it’s possible to patch this hack over most other Chrono Trigger (U) hacks but it hasn’t been tested with any so do it at your own risk.
Chrono Trigger: Another Stupid Spoof This is a basic text hack of Chrono Trigger. It contains language that might be offensive to you, so you've been warned.
Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile Chrono Trigger: Prophet’s Guile is a fan game following the story of Magus’s rise to power in the Kingdom of Zeal after arriving in 12000 B.C. thanks to the distortion at his lair. In his bid to stop Lavos at the Ocean Palace, Magus must gain the trust of Queen Zeal and abolish all opposition. It’s about two regular Chrono Trigger chapters long, and full of surprises. The only casualty of the development process was a plan to resprite Magus as the Prophet, which would have involved exhaustive work.
CT Remix This hack is a minor rearrangement of the game to suit the tastes of the author. Included are some small dialogue and difficulty level changes.
CT5: Time's Fury This is a hardtype hack of Chrono Trigger. No other changes have been made.

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