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Zombie Ate My Neighbors Hacks

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Name Description
A ZAMN Hack for Joseph This hack was made for Joseph K, and it wouldn't have existed if he never have came around. A mostly canon hack, with Ultimate ZAMN vibes, since I tried to make it harder for the original. 54 levels of doom and gloom.
DOOMSDAY A Zombies Ate My Neighbors based game. Created in celebration of the original game’s release! July 19th 1993 - 2019 marks ZAMN’s 26th anniversary. A 7 month project, that has finally come just in time for the anniversary! 48 New Levels. 6 New Bonus Levels. 1 New Credit Level. Randomized Starting Weapons. Custom Loot Table. New Items. Reverse Cycling. New Custom Palettes! New Custom Sprites! Game Trailer: Original Version Of DOOMSDAY added for the hacks 1st anniversary
Elite Zombies Ate My Neighbors Have you ever played the original ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’ game and found that you’ve gotten used to it’s Crazy difficulty so much that it’s too easy for you, now? Well, this hack is the HARDEST of all ZAMN Hacks as of 2020! Welcome To, ‘Elite Zombies Ate My Neighbors’! - This Hack Is PURE Diabolical CHAOS and hell. This hack features: 55 New Levels Only 1 Life to start off with No Starting Items New custom Pallets New Sprites This hack is extremely difficult compared to the original Game and is not to be taken as a joke. THIS IS A KAIZO HACK. You can see the trailer here: Have fun! - Zombie101
Glitches Currupted My Neighbors I Took The Original Game And Currupted It And Glitched To It Is Still Playable And I Hope You Enjoy!
Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors! Almost 10 years in the making, a complete hack/ unofficial sequel including 55 all new levels, new gameplay options, items, enemies and more!
Oh Yes More ZAMN Beta Here we are again, posting another version of this hack, except it's in it's beta state. It's a way more modified version of the prototype. But anyways have fun playing the hack.
Oh Yes More ZAMN Final Version Had to reupload since the patch didn't want to be edited. After a long time, the final version finally gets done, and only just because someone wanted to know the status of it. 55 new levels. Can you beat Dr Tongue once again?
Oh Yes More ZAMN Prototype This is the very first version of a soon to be completed hack. Hope you enjoy what the hack originally looked like.
Panda's Zombies Ate My Neighbors Just a little hack a friend of mine put together and asked me to upload. 55 new levels, much easier than the original.
Unused Zombies Ate My Neighbors This hack is made from scrapped levels that didn’t make it into DOOMSDAY Elite Zombies Ate My Neighbors a canceled hack the Doomsday beta and doomsday 2 beta which was also canceled some levels are glitchy and have possibilities of softlock so please use save States constantly Check out the Trailer For The Hack Here:
ZAMN but Backwards You defeated Dr Tongue!!! Congrats, but sadly, you must make your way back to level 1. Can you reach home and this weird reversed ROM hack? There are no bonus levels. At least that or they were unedited. You can;t get them through the main game.
ZAMN But Different Basically I made most of the changes in this hack. Some are funny and others are dumb or annoying. Enjoy the hack.
ZAMN But Without the Zombies It's the original Zombies ate my Neighbors but all the zombies were removed. Enjoy the hack/
ZAMN Carrot Another 55 levels of horror, featuring the infamous Dr Tongue, in yet a slightly harder adventure though malls, hedgemazes, and his favorite, castles. Do you have what it takes to save everyone in every level, and take down The Tongue again?
ZAMN Clone Edition This is a joke hack. Literally every enemy is a clone. Have fun in this weird hack.
ZAMN Potatoes Reuploaded This hack is my first hack ever. Alec Rutz help out with the created. Enjoy the hack.
ZAMN Sugar This is a hack made by me. Hex editing was done by Alec Rutz and Victor Klein. It also had to be reuploaded due to issues
Zombies And The Skeleton Keys This Game Is A Hack Of Zombie Ate My Neighbors. There Are 1-48 Levels In The Game. All The Levels Are Remade And On A Hard Dificulty.
zombies ate my neighbors (bread) this hack is basically an easier version of the original game with all 55 levels modified significantly
Zombies ate my neighbors (toast) A shocking sequel to ZAMN (bread), this one is harder, though not necessarily a super difficult hack. Extend the file to 3 megabytes in order to render level 48 correctly.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Kenboi Death Hack
Zombies Ate my Neighbors Orange Juice This is a 55 brand new levels hack of cunning and sometimes unforgiving difficulty As a additionnal challenge, there is a ladybug hidden in every level, can you find them all? Thanks to all the people of the zamn hacking community of the Skyhurricane Discord server for believing in this four years in the making project!
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Painful World Spikes Kazio One of the most difficult hacks ever seen all levels have become more difficult than the romhak Elite Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Kasowy hacking added bosses, items, traps and bugs and a lot of enemies. The hack has become very complex. Thanks to the author Vadim_ka_super. The date of the hack is February 8, 2021
zombies ate my neighbors potatoes Basically my now former friends first hack. I added all the hex editing stuff.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Potatoes 2 The sequel to ZAMN Potatoes. It's a sequel we never asked for, but got anyways, like any other sequel, except for Shrek 2, since that's one of the only good sequels. Anyways have fun and enjoy the game.

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