Universal/Multi-System Frontends

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Name Description
Armakuni This is a frontend for Commodore 64 and Amiga.
AtomicFE Atomic FE is a Front-End for Multi-emulators. It's been made mainly to be used with games of arcade MAME. Furthermore, it would be possible to utilize Atomic FE with any other emulator as a result of small configuration efforts. Eventually, Atomic FE can be used to launch any application, as well as simply as a menu control! This front end is optimized for MAME and its derivatives (ADVMAME, FASTMAME, etc...). The main objective of Atomic FE is to function within a real arcade cabinet, and to be driven using joysticks as well as the buttons. In other words, it can work perfectly well with a keyboard or arcade controls. And last but not least, this Front End is completely configurable: it supports all the resolutions, all graphic cards (including ArcadeVGA), and is capable of functioning with the majority of emulators that accept command lines. Works under Windows XP , Windows 2000 (+directx7 or better), Windows 98 (and Windows 95!!)) (+directX 7 or better).
Console Menu Highly configurable front-end for emulators and PC games. Generates lists, runs roms straight from zip files, and more!
Dragon King A graphically impressive, multi-system emulator frontend. It's highly customizable and even has support for skins.
Emu(X)CC A Multi emulator frontend which supports any version of SNES9x, KGEN, NeoRAGE and MAME. This is a good advantage because then the main things in developing will be adding new things to the frontend, and not just adding support for the new commands for each new version of the emulators.
emuControlCenter emuControlCenter is an emulator and rom start center for more than 100 retro and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems (full list).

With emuControlCenter you can search and find your favourite games in seconds and start games direct with an simple mouseclick! (view videos) You can also add metadata (also searchable) and images to each rom and also add precompiled imagepacks.

Download links provided in the authors page.

Emulation Organizer version Fix for x64 platform, fully compatible with x86 and x64. Fixed: Build iso doesn't copy important files so it crashes when build the iso image and run Emulators Organizer on cd
Emulator_Runner Universal frontend with 'native' support for a fair amount of emulators. It has an easy way to add support for new emulators through .ini files. This emulator also requires a 4 meg zip file with .dlls to be downloaded. Since I'm just on a regular 28.8 I don't have the time to to download this Dll.zip. But I'll put a link to it here.
EmuStation Great frontend for just about every emulator!
FronTrash Contrary to the name this frontend is NOT trash :) It's actually really quite good universal frontend that has full zip support and is in both English and Spanish (just alter the .cfg file). It supports 32 systems, and 272 emulators. Check it out today. This is the reduced version.
FrontRunner This is the frontend formerly called GameMenu(No, not Jim Pragits), and it's worth to try. This frontend is written in Turbo C++ and is therefore a Real-Mode program, offering the best compability with other programs.The windows version is just like the DOS version, except it's for windows (:)). You can still use your old DOS files if you add a DOS on the first line and change the old DOS color indexes to RGB values(kinda). Read the readme for more info!
Game Launcher Game Launcher is a universal DOS front end for emulators. The main goal is to provide a user interface that is easy to use and attractive, yet does not look like a traditional user interface with windows and such. Game Launcher should work with any emulator. It has been tested with MAME, Nesticle, RockNES, zSNES, snes9x, Callus, Stella, z26, and Genecyst.
GameBase A great universal frontend that supports virtually emulator, manages games, music, docs, screenshots, etc., stores multiple versions of games, lets you create as many databases as you want, supports game re-zipping, lets you import from RomCenter/TOSEC, search features, and more. Definitely give this a try!
GameEx This is a MAME, Zinc, and Daphne frontend for Windows, specifically XP MCE. It has support for many other command line based programs and games as well. It will also run on older, less cool versions of Windows. One of the better frontends in my opinion, however you will need the .NET Framework v1.1 and DirectX 9.0c. Very worth the download.
GameLoader This is a universal frontend for Windows written in C. It has a very clean interface and it's relatively easy adding games to the menu.
GameMenu A completely universal frontend for DOS programmed by Jim Pragit with mouse support and an 'Add new emulator' Wizard.
Games Centre 2001 This has a nice looking GUI, ability to add games to the database, a simple INI database which can be editted, music files for each game, maps can be imported, text walkthroughs can be imported, it's small for less "out of memory" messages, it can sort games, store pics of games, give random games, has skin support, DirectX screen switching, MP3/WAV/MIDI support....and it supports many modern emulators.
Gelide Gelide is a configurable frontend which let you manage any kind of emulated system (PC, console, arcade, etc) letting you to catalog and launch any game from any existing emulator under GNU/Linux. With Gelide,you can configure any emulator with command line parameters support, without the need of remember them every now and then. Gelide is a free project, licenced under the GNU General Public Licence it is written in C++ using the Gtkmm libraries as base.
H2 H2 is a suite of programs that build a database of all recognisable media files on a machine (or set of CD-ROMs etc) and, using that database, present a front-end to you with them listed and categorised. From this front-end you can 'play' the media files. It works for a huge number of types of files, from ROMs to MP3s.
KEmulator KEmulator is a KDE-based frontend to several Linux emulators, including Snes9x, Stella (Atari 2600), and MESS (v0.56 has been tested). MESS support extends to the Apple IIc and IIe, the Atari 5200 and 7800, Colecovision, NES (both NTSC and PAL), Sega Genesis and Master System, and the Vectrex.
LusSpace FE This is a multi-system frontend with support for over 100 emulators, along with MAME and music files. Comes in both French and English.
Manager, the This is a multi emulator frontend with support for different emulators through the use of "modules". Currently modules exist for the most popular emulators such as ZSNES, KGEN, SNES9x and etc. All the currently released modules are already added to the zip file so go grab it.
Maximus Arcade This frontend lets you use work with multiple arcade and console emualtors in one seemless interface. For example, MAME, Genesis, SNES, GBA, NES. You must register this after 30 days however.
MedGUI Frontend for Mednafen
MegaBase This frontend supports MANY emulators for various systems. You MUST Download also Gamebase64 in order to use Megabase for the RUNTIME FILES!
MESSfront This is a frontend for MESS. This frontend is for MESS version v0.36 and later. It has many features and is a great frontend. Give it a try.
mGalaxy mGalaxy is a frontend to arcade, game consoles and PC emulators. mGalaxy was created with one goal : keep things as simple as possible when playing with an arcade cabinet/control panel, keyboard or gamepad. It's indeed possible to control the whole frontend using just a few buttons! Main features include: Working with a lot of emulators, covering all arcade and console systems; Arcade panels / Keyboard / Gamepad compatible; Horizontal and vertical display support; Game image preview; Game movie preview; Standard / Quick / Alphabetical browsing; Favorite / Top 10 played / Last 10 played saved lists (even if the rom name changes); Game filtering on Favorite and/or Game Genre and/or Numbers of players and/or Keywords; Quick search games with an onscreen keyboard; Background music player; Random music pick; Random game pick (on the whole list or only your favorite games); Easy to use and to configure; Neat and nice interface.
MuEL This frontend includes support for at least 22 different emulators, with support for screenshots and the ability to add other emulators through configuration files. It is very professional looking.
Offend This frontend supports: V7800 - Atari 7800, DVE - Vectrex, Z26 - Atari 2600, Euphoric - Oric, Hu Go! - PC Engine, Metalynx - Atari Lynx, Emerson Arcadia 2000, M.A.M.E., Bliss - Untested, M.E.S.S., SNEESE - Super Nintendo, MadNES - NES, NES9X - NES, Squeem - NES, Boycott - Gameboy, KGB - Gameboy, VGB - Gameboy, SynkGB - Gameboy, VSS - Atari 5200, Neopocott - Neo Geo Pocket, Reality Boy - Virtual Boy, VMS - Dreamcast VMS, and WPC Mame - Arcade Pinball
PlayerUp This is a frontend with support for multiple Windows 9x Emulators, preview pictures, user definable command line support, unzip support, and many other things.
QuickPlay This is a great multi-emu frontend with a lot of features including advance features for MAME, Virtual Tree, Emu-Finder, an IPS system, Directory Mirroring, Zip support for emus that don't support it, and much more. It also supports a whole slew of emulators. Check it out!
RMenu This is a good Universal frontend with native support for a few emulators, RAGE and MAME being two. It has support for ZIP/RAR/ARJ/LHA/LZH compression, it can delete roms, create lists of your roms, change the colours used in it, it has Split Rom Image support, Seperate Directory configuration menu for each emulator and Online Help.
SHACC (S)imulators, (H)andheld emus, (A)rcade emus, (C)omputer emus, and (C)onsole emus. A HUGE frontend with support for almost 40 different emulators.
sMESS It seems to be the first frontend for MESS. Try it! You might like it!
SpaceFE SpaceFE is a frontend that can be used with a large number of emulators and can display screenshots and box shots from the author's screenshot packs.
StarLaunch Feature cluttered universal frontend with support for these features: Snes Cheat Code Scanner, Snes9XWin support, Project Unreality support, BrSMS support, News and Info Updater, Support for Plugins, Favorites and History, Gameboy and N64 header info windows, includes key redefinition for Sneese and Snes9xWin, Better snes cheat code support, default emulators can be chosen. Phew :) Now features a LOAD of new things!
Super Launcher 98 A tremendously good looking frontend when run in Win98. Can have support for up to 999 different emulators through the use of emulator profiles. Some emulator profiles are already done and available for download on the homepage. Try it out, it's cool. Now it has a Windows Explorer look and feel, supports megarom settings for fmsx-dos and similiar systems, loads game genie, pro action replay and other codes and it's CD-ROM friendly and can load roms, screenshots, notes or music directly from CD.
TincoreADB Multi-platform computer and console emulator front-end. Application capable of populating a database with the content of some folders and capable of execute those contents with the help of some configured software computer emulators.
Translations Frontend This frontend is actually part utility too, this manages all translations available from GreekRoms. Supports VisualBoyAdvance, FCEUltra, Magic Engine, ZSNES and more. If you have lots of GreekRoms stuff, be sure to get this! Has built in support for Greek and English.
UFE UFE is a universal frontend for DOS with 'native' support for a lot of emulators, these are the main features: the frontend can launch single roms or groups of roms from an archive on your HD or on a CD and it can manage two simultanousely openened archives. The file manager features copying/moving and renaming of roms and directories, it can create directories, you can edit the DOS command line parameters to be used. It can also launch other applications, such as emulators or other frontends. An UFE.LST emulators list file that makes the frontend auto-detect emulators. A bu ilt-in help, system and errors handler and Mouse and/or keyboard support.
URL Universal front-end for virtually every emulator. includes list generator, *.ZIP support, virtual long file names, an easy interface, mouse support and more! This universal frontend has a short description, but it's most probably the BEST universal frontend anyway!
WinFronT A nice new multi-emulator frontend supporting, among others, NeoRAGE, has screenshots for all games supported and other stuff. Try it out. This one's REALLY up and coming and it's REALLY worth a try! The games file has been updated with support for Mame beta 8. This frontend was formerly called Run It.