Universal/Multi-System frontend

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UFE is a universal frontend for DOS with 'native' support for a lot of emulators, these are the main features: the frontend can launch single roms or groups of roms from an archive on your HD or on a CD and it can manage two simultanousely openened archives. The file manager features copying/moving and renaming of roms and directories, it can create directories, you can edit the DOS command line parameters to be used. It can also launch other applications, such as emulators or other frontends. An UFE.LST emulators list file that makes the frontend auto-detect emulators. A bu ilt-in help, system and errors handler and Mouse and/or keyboard support.

Author's website: http://emu5ever.emuunlim.com/

Operating System: DOS

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v3.76 06/12/98 97.58 KB Download

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