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his is the Wizardry Chronicles English translation. This project has been hard at work for over 2 years and now is available completed to the public! This has also been tested under Windows 7 64-Bit. No issues have been found as of yet in game-play. APPLocale is not required for running this game. FOR THOSE EXPERIENCING VIDEO ISSUES WHILE RUNNING THIS, TRY DxWnd - https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ Current Issues - 1. Some of the letters may appear squished together in some instances. Currently there is no fix for this but is still legible when reading. 2. Class Abbreviations for stats & item usage are still in Japanese as I have no idea how to change that. If someone can lend assistance with this issue please let me know. Otherwise in the meantime I would write them down on paper to associate them to what class they are in avoiding confusion. 3. What issues remain to be uncovered!

Author: MrRichard999 / Helly / Rikoren / AgentOrange / Eien Ni Hen / Jink640 / Alkeides / Mark Patraw / Eggs is Eggs

Completion: 98%

Genre: RPG

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