Lunatic Dawn III

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Here is a partial English translation for the STEAM version of Lunatic Dawn III. This is part of the Lunatic Dawn Legend Pack Trilogy which can be found here - THIS WILL NOT WORK ON THE STANDALONE INSTALL OF LUNATIC DAWN III OR THE TWIN PACK!! Here is the current progress list of what is completed Item Names - 100% World Names - 100% Dungeon, Cave, Labyrinth, & Tower names - 100% Windows Related Menus - 100% Campaign Creation Menus - 100% Enemy Names - 100% Town Structures - 100% Magic - 100% Character Creation Menus - 100% Clickable Menu Buttons - 100% Menu Graphics - 95% Requests & Dialogue - 1% Item Descriptions - 0% NPC Names - 2% Spell List for Enchanting Items - 0% Endings - 0% We currently have all the dialogue dumped in a 98 page document so this will be worked on but will take time so please be patient. Setup Instructions: MAKE A BACKUP OF ALL YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE COPYING THE MODIFIED FILES OVER YOUR EXISTING ONES. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR LOSS OF YOUR ORIGINAL GAME FILES!!! Copy all the files & folders into the root directory of where Lunatic Dawn III is installed. Note: If you have a saved game, it might not recognize the translated items or magic as it saves them within the save files. ALSO YOU MAY WANT TO RUN APPLOCALE WITH THE LAUNCHER AS THE LETTERS MAY NOT LOOK CORRECT ON THE SCREEN. THIS CAN BE OBTAINED ON THIS SITE HERE -

Author: MrRichard999 / AgentOrange / Helly / MeshGearFox

Completion: 15%

Genre: RPG

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Lunatic Dawn III - STEAM Version - Part of Legend Pack Trilogy 1.26 MB

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