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This is a beta release for the game Necromancer for the TurboGrafix-16. Currently here is what done. Items - 100% Enemies - 100% Weapons - 100% Armor - 100% Basic Dialogue - 95% Basic Menus - 95% Party Member Names & Message Speed Menu - 100% Battle Menu - 90% Main Dialogue - 0% Battle Dialogue - 0% Currently the situation is what data was accessible for the most part is completed. The rest of the main data and dialogue in the game is currently compressed and will need more know how on this subject before any further progress can be made. For now, this should help allow players to enjoy the game a little more with some of the basics translated so that it may be easier to navigate in some portions of it. If you have any knowledge on text compression and would like to offer assistance to this project, please feel free to contact Pikachumanson or MrRichard999.

Author: Pikachumanson / MrRichard999 / Eien Ni Hen / Psyklax

Completion: 5%

Genre: RPG

Name Description Filesize
Patch file Jaseikin Necromancer (J).pce - GOODSET CRC32: 5A7D6735 MD5: F6B7C2963ECFAA786C3B8AA0675F57A2 SHA-1: 82E0CD20EEDB14C0D5ADF95BDCF23B93CFFD29EE SHA-256: 6568B34EBD08219E6E65516D4A67AD387A59E68119F92D44AC5E3A325D537FC5 3.24 KB

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