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NAXAT STADIUM ENGLISH TRANSLATION PATCH VERSION 0.98 10/15/2021 This patch makes the scoreboard able to be read, changed the Japanese text for Top and Bottom of the innings, some baseball symbols, and the player names are in English making it somewhat easier to distinguish between players on a team. What isn't done are the small Japanese signs that show up during gameplay as they are compressed graphics but this shouldn't make it too hard to play the game normally. Please apply the patch to the following ROM matching the CRC value. Naxat Stadium (Japan).pce CRC32: 20A7D128 MD5: 7029F280C42CE2A25D435B8B1A3181D3 SHA-1: 203338D5535457DF7504B0FC0CC61E2940EF2127 Reworking done by MrRichard999 Translation help by Jink640

Author: MrRichard999 - Jink640

Completion: 98%

Genre: Baseball

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