Ganbare! Golf Boys

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GANBARE! GOLF BOYS ENGLISH TRANSLATION PROJECT VERSION 0.99 3/18/2020 REWORKED BY MRRICHARD999 TRANSLATIONS BY AGENTORANGE AND JINK640 Everything except the title screen has been converted to English. This shouls allow for much easier playthrough without the language barriers. If anybody encounters any issues please contact MrRichard999 on twitter! Also if anybody would be interested in uncompressing the graphics for the title screen for modification please also contact MrRichard999 about this. Please apply the patch to the following ROM... Ganbare! Golf Boys (Japan).pce CRC32: 27A4D11A MD5: FCF8BDC8F67F284A841CADDD82D8B3E6 SHA-1: 69794E5AF0D2EC1A5BF6122C64FD5BC43092AE04

Author: MrRichard999 - AgentOrange - Jink640

Completion: 99%

Genre: Golf

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Patch file Version 0.99 1.61 KB

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