A Ressha de Ikou MD

Genesis Translation in English

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All of the system/game text found has been translated into English. There may be some hidden debugger stuff present but at this current time we don't know how to access it so it has not been changed. We hope you enjoy the release! Please apply patch to the following ROM... A Ressha de Ikou MD (Japan).bin CRC32: 3D45DE4F MD5: A4E3E5BD68F166C1EF2AA0BAF0F9D7E2 SHA-1: D0D0AAAD68978FD15C5857773141AE639DE1ABC7 SHA-256: 212959128B6195029B2A4648BAFAB60C1FC697F4AF2E822D86276109A64B3AA6

Author: MrRichard999 - AgentOrange - FlashPV

Completion: 99%

Genre: Simulation (Train)

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