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A Ressha de Ikou MD All of the system/game text found has been translated into English. There may be some hidden debugger stuff present but at this current time we don't know how to access it so it has not been changed. We hope you enjoy the release! Please apply patch to the following ROM... A Ressha de Ikou MD (Japan).bin CRC32: 3D45DE4F MD5: A4E3E5BD68F166C1EF2AA0BAF0F9D7E2 SHA-1: D0D0AAAD68978FD15C5857773141AE639DE1ABC7 SHA-256: 212959128B6195029B2A4648BAFAB60C1FC697F4AF2E822D86276109A64B3AA6
Advanced Military Commander
Barver Battle SaGa The unlicensed 1996 Genesis RPG 'Barver Battle SaGa' has been translated to English, and has been 'reborn as Brave Battle Saga - Legend of the Magic Warrior!' thanks to the hard work of: Romhacking - Jinny - Translation - SteveMartin Proofreading - zera9924 Titlescreen art - taizou
Barver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi Just in time before the years end, the English translation of the Taiwanese unlicensed RPG Barver Battle Saga for the Sega Genesis is finally released! Lots of work has gone into this project, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. Be sure to check the read me for more about the game, who did what, and all the work that went into getting this game into English. The latest patch, v1.00, can be considered a final release of sorts. At the least, it’s not a “beta” anymore. The game has already been played thoroughly and most issues appear to have been spotted and fixed. Hopefully there should be no more bugs left. So, enjoy the game! :)
Dynamite Headdy
F1 Circus MD The translation patch translates all the text, menus, and corrects the team names to their realistic ones. At the moment some of the team joining and contract dialogue has not been verified so please report any issues and errors to @MrRichard999 on twitter! We hope you enjoy the patch!
Langrisser 2
Langrisser II According to the author, this is 'loosely based on the older Hiryuu Honyaku / Warui Toransu translation. A few improvements to their original ... The hacking was completely redone from scratch and is far superior...'.
Madou Monogatari I
Magical Taruruuto-kun Alpha-mt: Multilingual edition Contains Japanese version (original game), English version and French version. Language can be selected from the OPTIONS menu. Also, the map select cheat code is enabled by default. If you select NO MAP (default), the game will proceed normally. Checksum is disabled, so the game should be region-free.
Monster World IV
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Phantasy Star 2
Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden This is a patch release for Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden which makes all the text understandable for English audiences.
Vixen 357