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Popular Emulators

Name Description
Ootake Ootake is an open-source Japanese PC Engine emulator for Windows.

Other Emulators

Name Description
DeePCE This TG-16 emulator is in Japanese, and it appears to be good. Most of the documentation is in Japanese, so I can't tell the specific features.
DPCE DPCE is a TG-16 emulator that is written in Delphi for the most part. It has sound, can load/save states, and has window/full screen modes. However, it is not complete yet as the CPU has many bugs and the sound quality isn't that good.
Hu-Go! FPCE was renamed to Hu-Go. It also has been taken over by a new author. The docs are now in french and english. You'll want to check it out. Significant improvements have been made over the last little while, so be sure to see for yourself!
Hu6280 Hu6280 is coded in C++, and it runs 98% of all the hucard images in existance! It supports 1 or 2 players. The 320X200 video mode is also faster than the 640X480 hires mode. It has a simple file loader (one of the simplest GUIs I've ever seen.) Stereo sound is also implemented, and support is being added for the TG16 CD in the future. If you don't want to spend 35$ on Magic Engine, get this emulator. It's the next best thing!

The Windows version, without some of the extra features (zip loading & joystick support) that the DOS version sports. A P2-333 is recommended if you're using sound.

The DirectX version of Hu6280 that now has CD-ROM support. This current version is Beta, so use at your own discretion. Be sure that you're in 16 bit color mode.
MagicEngine MagicEngine is a PC-Engine console emulator which has full HuCard emulation, full SuperGrafx emulation, full CD-ROM and Super CD-ROM emulation (with a custom System Card - no BIOS ROM needed), full Arcade Card emulation, very accurate and fast emulation, a game save/load feature, a nice and easy to use graphical user interface, and five players mode - fully configurable!

The demo is limited in time, everything is fully functional, but after 5 minutes the game you are playing will be frozen. You can reset it to start again or you can load another game, but you can not play to a game more than 5 minutes.

However there's a little trick. If you save a game, reloading it will reset the time limit, so if every 4-minute or so you save the game and reload it immediately, you will be able to play to the same game for more than 5 minutes. (The authors have decided to not limit MagicEngine too much so that you can fully appreciate and test it, but don't forget to register if you like it.)
PCejin PCejin takes the accuracy of Mednafan's PCE core and gives it a native Win32 interface, and more.
PicchioEngine This is an itallian PCEngine/Turbografx emulator. The author considers it 'experimental' at this time.
Project PC2E This is a TG16/PC Engine emulator written in Visual C++ 6.0. The website has a lot of valuable information about the inner workings of the TG16 and seems to be making great progress. Compatibility is getting better, though many games will still seem buggy.
TG16 EMU It is very primitive compared to Magic Engine, and since it's coded in C, it's quite slow. Not really worth the download.
TGEmu PC-Engine emu by Charles MacDonald.
Turbo Engine Emulates:
* NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16
* NEC SuperGrafx
* CDROM2, Super CDROM2
VPCE Can run some commercial games, although it lacks in speed, you'll need a high end pentium for good speed. It's freeware, and looks like it has a good future.

This is the Win95 port, by the author of MageX.

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