NEC - Turbo Grafx 16 Emulators

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Name Description
BePcEngine From the author who brought you the splendid and rapidly advancing BeGameboy. This is the initial release. It has the same GUI that BeGameboy does. For an initial release, this emulator is extraordinarily impressive. It runs many, many roms, at a moderate speed. There is no sound yet. The only things to improve/implement are sound, and rom support, and then probably some speed tweaks. Bravo!
BeYame A multi system emulator, that currently can emulate the Nes, the Snes, the Turbo Grafix 16 and the Gameboy. Is has been recently ported to BeOS. It supports languages, so if you want you can translate it to your native language.
DarcNES DarcNES is the rather neat emulator written by Nyef, originally written for Linux, and ported to BeOS using the SDL library. It has basic mappers, and runs NES, Sega Master System, Game Gear, and some Turbo Grafx 16 games.
tgemu This is a new TG-16 Emulator coded by Charles Macdonald. It currently lacks cd-rom support and the sound emulation needs a lot of work.

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