Nintendo DS Public Domain ROMs

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Name Description
Ethos NDS Demos This is a pack of Ethos NDS demo ROMS.
It included:
- Transformer
- MixedCubes
- NeoFlash
- GLU Text Quads
- gluSphere
- Rotating Shapes
Explosive Gas A game similar to Bomberman.
Game Trivia Catechism Game Trivia Catechism is a multiple-choice trivia game, testing your knowledge of video gaming. It can be played as straight trivia, or as part of a story that follows Al and Sally as they compete in the King of Game Trivia Tournament.
moonshell Shell that can do a lot of things, like play mp3s, mpgs, .jpgs, .nds, etc.
NOTE: must be DLDI'ed to your cart or wont work
Nitro Tracker NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS.
POWDER 107 To understand POWDER, you should first understand roguelikes. "Roguelike" is a term applied to a wide variety of games which share a common inspiration from the game Rogue.

For more information about roguelikes there is the Rogue Basin, a Wiki documenting this genre, and the Temple of the Roguelike, a newsite tracking developments in the field.