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MAME Wizard V. 2.0 Beta 9

posted in Frontend News by stickfig on Apr 9th, 2001

Wow. This new version of the MAME Wizard, V. 2.0 Beta 9, has almost as many changes in it as a version of MAME itself would have. Check it out:
  • Fixed ghost entries in MAME.CFG bug introduced by memory-cached INI files. You may need to delete your STATS.INI MAMEWIZ.INI and MAME.CFG files
  • Command line now handles both profiles and filters; this means you can double-click on a profile or on a filter to open it in the frontend
  • The internal romset search routine has been made way faster by the use of hash indexing; filter loading greatly benefits from this
  • Screen updating when displaying the "please wait" window has been perfected to be done faster
  • Created a custom text streaming component to speed up disk access: all the program has been converted to use it
  • Added missing dipswitches info to the profile; you have more info in the romset detail function, but profiles are three times bigger now
  • Profiles now can be ZLib-compressed; you can choose if to enable profile compression when saving
  • A first step has been made to make profiles downwards compatible
  • Optimized the whole code to require less free memory to run (more can and will be done)
  • Added "tips of the day"; you can contribute yourself by adding or translating tips: mail me to apply
  • Fixed MAMECD creation option which did not save MAMECD.INI files correctly.
  • Fixed MAMECD creation option progress display
  • Fixed MAMECD loading, who sat forever after asking for "any disc will do"
  • Support has been added for the new expanded CatList format, altough revision check is unsupported yet. Thanks, TriggerFin
  • CatList import interface completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Optimized About window animation to run with DirectX7; it should run smooter on slower systems now
  • Added "Full expand" and "Full collapse" options to the game list (right-click the list)
  • The results of a search can be used to create a new filter (way cooler filter creation options are in the workings)
  • MAMECD information option now displays information about index file processing
  • Improved image zoom: zoom factors are now expressed as percentages
  • Improved zoom handling: more fixed factors are now available, up to 1200%! You can type in your own factor manually as well!!
  • Added -steadykey option to misc config window according to MAME 0.37 beta 14
  • Updated game run engine according to the -romdir bug I have fixed in MAME's source (0.37 beta 14). This definately fixes problems in defining your own default keys
  • Added an option to verify screenshots on a per-folder basis to have a more readable report You can pick up the new version over at the Arcade Frontends page.

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