Arcade Frontends

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Name Description
Aldo's Zinc Frontend Front-end for the new Zinc, emulator of Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 and Namco System 11 that replaces S11Emu and ImpactEmu. Also allows for configuration of controllers with Winterblast's Zinc Controller utility and includes Kaillera support.
amaZiNc A relatively small frontend for ZiNc, an emulator for psx-based arcade games. It can store settings for each game and help with ZiNc error detection.
Arcade@Home A good MAME frontend with support for pictures for all games, graphical interface for configuring every MAME option, help for each game directly from MAME's readme.txt, individual settings can be configured for each game, it loads faster than MAME/W, it also has 4 special default settings: "Fastest", "Best", "Vector" and "Factory Default". The "Vector" default turns on flicker and boosts gamma for more accurate play. It shows all games, both installed and uninstalled, detects games and updates when a new version of MAME is released, an alternate MAME version can be specified to run certain games. So in other words: This is a VERY feature cluttered MAME frontend, try it!
ArcadeEmu A frontend for all multi-game arcade emulators, supporting zipped games, multiple versions of MAME, screenshows and support for a lot of other emulators. This frontend is quite a piece of work, you should try it.
ArcadeOS This frontend is designed for the multi-arcade emulator, MAME. It contains some of the MAME source code. It also supports other arcade and console emulators with the specific support files, which are availabe to your left. Extra Emu Support contains Callus, RAINE, Rage and System16. Console support contains BRSMS, ColEM, KGen98, GENECYST, MGX, Magic Engine, NESTICLE, RockNES, SP, Z26 and ZSNES.
Arcade_Center A frontend with support for all multi-game arcade emulators that were out when MAME 0.29 was just released, and MAME 0.33 beta 6.
Arcade_Loader A dirty frontend for the Arcade Emulator v0.7. Discontinued.
Calliope VERY nice, simple frontend for MAME! This is an update from 1.04. If you haven't used Calliope before, download 1.04 first, THEN the update.
DvRAGE Supports all arcade games emulated by RAGE 0.9, has compressed rom support and gives you a preview screenshot of each game.
EHAlice Multi language frontend for Calice.
FEMAME A very good frontend for MAME, with easy ways for zip support and adding new games. This frontend is also very configurable. It should also be compatible with all the MAME versions from 0.36 beta 1 and on into the void. Have fun.
Final Burn Launcher Final Burn Launcher allows every release from CPS2-Shock to date to be played in the awesome emulator Final Burn. There is no renaming of roms needed and each game saves its own unique configuration details. The Sega games and CPS-1 games that are already emulated by Final Burn are also supported. It is also a front end for Callus and Barry Rodewald's QPlayer program. Note: You will need a current version of FBCPS2en! Check the documentation for other requirements when using this with QPlayer and Callus.
FrontRAGE FrontRAGE is a fully featured frontend for RAGE, supporting games and options supported by RAGE, runs roms from zips, has individual screenshots for each game and has a freaky GUI.
FURFE DOS-based frontend for RAINE that supports all games up to version 0.09.
GXMAME GXMAME is a frontend for XMAME supporting Windows and Unix platforms. It has many features any good frontend would have, and the author is very determined to make a more universal MAME frontend.
gzinc This is a frontend for the Unix build of the Zinc arcade emulator.
Hiryu Frontend for Calice 0.1.5
KMameleon A Linux frontend for XMame.
Kymaera A multi-emulator frontend for Windows that is skinnable and supports vertical and horizontal modes.
LemonLauncher Frontend for MAME which is loosely based on Game Launcher Dave Dribin. Lemon Launcher is designed for use in MAME arcade cabinets and is designed to make game selection easy with only a joystick and button. Source code is licensed under the GPL.
M72Front This is a brand new frontend for the M72 arcade game emulator! According to my knowledge it was the first one to ever be released as well. The frontends from mrgsoft are usually of high quality, so I recommend you to try this one.
MAME Classic A frontend for MAME, it supports different settings for both raster and vector arcade games.
MAME Launcher This is a MAME frontend for use on MacOS X.
MAME OVER Probably the best MAME frontend ever made. What more is there to say? It's got a really good interface and you'll be up and running in no time. Just get it, ok? It's only 69k and really good :)
MAME Player This is a frontend that allows you to easily search your games, it rather resembles MAME ports such as Mame Plus. It supports screenshots, history.dat, and more.
MAME SFE This frontend is designed for MAME. It is offered for both Win 3x and 9x. It's a great frontend with many features. You may or may not need this file to run MAME SFE.
MAME Wizard MAME Wizard is a front-end program allowing you to use the 32bit DOS version of the MAME emulator in a very comfortable way. The program has minimal system requirements: you just need an 800x600 colour display and Windows 9x to run!
MAMEFront Really good MAME frontend for Windows with support for all the options supported, support for different builds of MAME and Multi-configuration support. Now supports NeoMAME too.
MAMELOAD This DOS based frontend is a really good way of saving you from a lot of typing! It has a nice, simple text interface, support for up to 10 different paths for your ROMs, support for game patches (on the condition that the patch is zipped in their proper directories), it's easy to add to or change the mameload.opt and mameload.pat files, giving you the opportunity to easily add new options/patches with simply editing a text line or two. Another nice feature is the random game select (F8) if you're one of those persons who has over 1000 games and can't decide what game you want to play :) Want to use your screenshots with this emulator? Then download PictView, as this frontend uses it to view them.
MAMEMenu Simple MAME frontend with easily customizable menu entries and automatic screenshot support.
MAMEMix Brand new MAME frontend that's quite small in size, and pretty functional. Give it a try, see if you like it. &nbsp; Win32 version of the frontend. all the goodies, in a nice new GUI.
MAMERun MAMERun is a FREEWARE PM frontend for the DOS version of MAME (Multi. Arcade Machine Emulator). A Frontend is a program that makes it easier for the user to interface with their application, which usually has a command line interface.
MrClick's Final Burn Frontend This frontend (formerly known as Afterburner Emu Frontend) has been updated to include Afterburner I. The author of the Afterburner Emu changed its name to Final Burn, so the frontend name changed as well.
Neo Knob This is a NeoRAGE frontend that has a lot. Screen shots of each game, zip support, a big knob, and (or so it's said, and I somehat agree) being basically the best looking frontend out there. Has been updated for version 0.02 of NeoRAGE.
NEOfront The very first NEORage frontend ever available, supporting all of its command line options. Now updated for v0.02d! Interface has also been redone. A new Windows version with a cool new interface has also arrived! You can now give the frontend the name of your exe. It doesn't have to be neorage.exe anymore, since the beta had a different filename.
NeoGeo Universal Loader Well, what do you know? A NeoGeo emulator frontend that's not only a frontend for NeoRAGE! This is a universal NeoGeo emulator frontend, supporting two NeoGeo emultors: NeoRAGE and NEO-GEO. This one is worth to try!
NEORAGE Frontpad A really cool NeoRAGE frontend that looks superb in Windows 98, has a really good looking GUI and supports version 0.02d of NeoRAGE. Also added now is zip support and other neat stuff.
NEORAGE Loader A nice looking NeoRAGE frontend with an easy to understand GUI and support for all command line options of NeoRAGE 0.00005.
NeoRager This nice little NeoRAGE frontpad is a really fast download and yet it features one of the best interfaces among the NeoRAGE frontends. This frontend also has support for all the features of NeoRAGE 0.2 and it has zip support. It has no homepage, but you can always e-mail the author with comments at
NEORFE This NeoRAGE frontend just showed up out of nowhere, similiar to another frontend I seem to remember, and has support for all options of NeoRAGE 0.2d and screenshot support. Give this one a try.
NeoWal A new NeoRAGE frontend with a nice text interface with support for the command line options of NeoRAGE 0.2d. Have fun with it.
pickleLauncher A frontend with a GUI, intended for cli applications (like MAME).
Rage Runner Simple and easy to use frontend for RAGE. This is a simple, no-nonsense frontend for RAGE (a multiple Arcade machine emulator.) This is the first public release.
RAINE Facend Another DOS-based frontend for RAINE. This one has zip support.
RAINEfront Frontend for RAINE made by the guy behind RAGEFront. Now has support for zipped ROMs in the ZipRoms directory!This one also requires the special font.
RaineStorm Frontend for RAINE with a few too many selection screens. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Otherwise an overall good frontend.
ReGiX A New Frontend for Calice. I couldn't run it so I don't know in which language it is written, but I think it's in Italian.
Run-It A good NeoRAGE frontend that features a lot of stuff: Full NeoRAGE 0.2d support, support for long filenames, two configurable ROM paths (Zipped and Unzipped), you can have all your stuff on a CD, direct bios configuration, multiple bios support, complete game list with all data about the games, optional snapshot preview, standalone Neo*Geo game browse, resizable window and html documentation.
S11Emu Front End A frontend for s11emu. It includes the emulator, the renderers and the Windows frontend which let you configure the new video plugin and start the games.
Simple MAME Just what the title says....a simple frontend for MAME32. It features snap shots and a easy to use main screen and configuration screen.
StartM72 This is a new M72 frontend with support for a lot of stuff, among those the ability to automatically detect new supported games, preview screenshots, it checks for installed games, and it supports all the options of the newest M72. Have fun.
StartRAGE This is a RAGE frontend made by the same guy who did StartM72, and it's just like StartM72 except it has a few more features and stuff. Go get it ;P
StartRAINE This is a frontend for RAINE that has a load of nice features, such as automatically detecting new supported games, has support for zipped ROMs, a really nice interface, etc. Feel free to try this one out. I don't have a fast enough modem to upload the pcxes, but you can always download them from the StartRAINE homepage.
Stingray Written in Visual Basic, Stingray is a CPS2Mame frontend that has an easy to use interface, its fully configurable via a GUI, you can save the config for later use, snapshot preview and multiple languages!
System 16 Launcher A good frontend for the System 16 Emulator, that actually has successfully created a nice looking GUI in DOS.
System 16 Menu A Nice looking System 16 frontend run in Windows 95. Unfortunately the readme and homepage is in Japanese so I didn't really understand much of it.
TechNeo This is the good NeoRAGE frontend that has an author waiting for good comments about it so that he can put up a webpage. Hehe. This is a good NeoRAGE frontend. It has support for all command line options of NeoRAGE 0.0010, a GUI and other stuff. This one is worth to try.
TurboMAME TurboMAME is an excellent frontend for MAME that supports a slick GUI, great support and fast speed
ViMame A completely customizable DOS gui that has individual options for each game, global options for all games, different display parameters, graphics support, built in cd player, mouse driven, updates for each new Mame that are all backward compatible, status line for basic game info, an option to display only your favorite games, you can record and look at the times you played a game, get detailed info for all the games, start a random game, locate a game, control the basics of the frontend with a joystick, and more. This is definitely worth a try.
Zinc Frontend MAME32 style frontend for Zinc
ZiNcGUI Front-end for ZiNc, emulator of Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 and Namco System 11 that replaces S11Emu and ImpactEmu. It allows you to change most settings and includes controller support, as well as auto-fire and Kaillera support.
ZiNcMenu A frontend for the multi-arcade emulator ZiNc written by Paulo Manrique.
Zylon This is a frontend for the CPS-1/2 emulator Nebula.