a Nintendo - 64 Emulator on the Windows platform

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Mupen64 is a n64 emulator desgined to be multi-OS. It has been developped on/for Linux originally but the emulator has already been ported succesfully on Windows and MacOSX for example. Actually the program can be easily ported on all OS supported by the SDL library.

In its current state, the emulator is highly compatible and use a plugin system. With the correct plugins (``correct'' can be computer dependent), it can achieve nearly perfect graphics and sound in many games.

The biggest problem of this emulator until now was its speed but now it's progressively changing with a totally new core and there's still a huge room for improvements.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.5.1 2005-08-26 2.02 MB Download


HiddenPalm says:
That website link appears to be outdated, as its last update was on 2005. It's now called Mupen64Plus with its last update on 11/22/2010

Here is the link.

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