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WPCmame is built as a driver added to the
MAME0.37 beta 8 source. All standard MAME "functions" works in
wpcmame(profiler, debugger, cheats, record/playback, command line
switches etc) but remember that it is based on a mame beta release.This
WPC pinball emulator/simulator is not 100% playable. It only emulatesthe
electronic circuit boards and the display in the pinballmachine
backbox. There is no playfield and no balls that you willsee displayed.
However, you can activate switches with youkeyboard, see display
animations, and listen/record the pinballgame sounds.

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Source v0.37 Beta8 11/17/00 146.02 KB Download
v0.37 Beta8 (DOS) 11/17/00 498.25 KB Download
v0.37 Beta 8(Win) 11/17/00 1.24 MB Download

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