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Apple - II Series Emulators

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Name Description
AppleIIGo AppleIIGo is an Apple //e emulator written in Java.
It is available as a Mac OS X widget, a webpage Java applet, and a mobile phone midlet.
Bernie ][ The Rescue This emulator is the best Apple IIgs emulator you will find. It has almost perfect emulation, and runs most IIgs programs without flaw. This is a shareware version; the full version costs $15, but it's worth it!
Catakig Catakig emulates the Apple II, Apple II+, and Apple IIe platforms, and it does it very well. There is full sound and graphics support, and it even has the odd little screen colors that we all loved on our old Apples! Requires BIOS images from these computers
iGS-Mac Based on XGS: An Apple IIgs emulator originally written for X11 which has now been ported to MacOS.
IIe This is strictly an Apple IIe emulator. It's solid all around, with very few rough edges. Sound card support is promised in future versions. Requires a IIe BIOS image.
KEGS An Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X. Port of KEGS to OS X. Supports a Virtual Modem.
KEGS-OSX This is based on KEGS, an Apple IIgs emulator for Linux.
MacE This emulator was released in a very "prerelease" state, with no support for diskimages, and there's a lot of menu items that won't respond. The source is public domain however, so take it and do what you will.
OpenEmulator OpenEmulator is an accurate, portable emulator of legacy computer systems for MacOSX. Currently it emulates the Apple I and II.
OSXII OSXII is an Apple ][ emulator for OS X. Requires OS X 10.2.3 or newer. Universal Binary.
Stop the Madness This is one of the first Apple II emulators. It runs very fast and is compatible with most Apple II software. This'll even run well on your 68040's! Does not emulate the Apple IIgs.
Sweet16 Sweet16 is an Apple IIgs emulator for computers running Mac OS X. It's based on the BeOS version of Sweet16, which was in turn based on the outlandishly popular Bernie ][ The Rescue.
Virtual ][ This is one of the first Apple II emulators. It runs very fast and is compatible with most Apple II software. Does not emulate the Apple IIgs.
][ In A Mac This was the first emulator ever written for Macintosh; way back in the days of the Mac Classic. It actually ran at a decent speed on a Classic too. Because of some of the screen tricks it did, this only runs on older Macs.

Apple - II Series Emulators on Other Platforms

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-- Nintendo Wii (1)
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