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Name Description
Agat Emulator Agat Emulator is an Apple II and Agat 7/9 (Soviet clones) emulator. Its GUI uses the Russian language, but it seems nice.
Apple //e Emulator Emulates Apple //e. This one is coded by Oliver Schmidt and it features Fullscreen DirectX Based mode, between other things. Go check it out because it's worth a download (for sure!)
Apple II Oasis Emulates 128K+ //e, all video modes, both 65c02 & Z80 CPUs, sound, peripheral cards, floppy and hard disk drives. It also functions as a disk manager and disk server, with very modest system requirements.
ApplePC By David Ellsworth Emulates //e, //c, and ][+. Runs in multiple screen modes, and supports Mockingboard emulation through a SoundBlaster-compatible card. Requires system roms for the Apple //c, Apple //e, and Apple ][+.
Appler Programmed in 16-bit assembly, and emulates sound through the PC speaker. Very compatible with ][+ applications; includes an attractive interface.
AppleWin Emulates Apple //e and ][+. Features sound emulation through either the PC speaker or a sound card, and the Super Serial Card is emulated through PC COM ports. A slowdown/throttling setting is available for realistic speed on a faster processor. Notes: F9(Full Screen), F11(Switch Color Mode).
Dapple Dapple is an Apple ][ emulator that aims to support a well-fitted Apple ][, ][+ or //e machine with 64K. It is based on Marat Fayzullin's M6502 with 65C02 additions and Marcel de Kogel's Z80Em.
Dapple ][ Dappe ][ is almost a complete rewrite of Dapple and supports full Apple //e and partial Apple //c. It emulates 3MB RAM Works expansion card and now comes with an assembler. The author has high expectations, perhaps even to turn the emulator into a development environment. Pick it up.
Kegs32 KEGS32 is console-based program based on the Kent Dickey's KEGS for UNIX. KEGS32 is designed to works in WIN32 platform. This is a straight port of KEGS and do not have fancy GUI in the current version. This version is at preliminary stage. It currently doesn't supports a joystick.
MicroM8 Currently microM8 features HD windowed and full-screen 64k Apple II / II+ / 128k Apple IIe emulation with decent compatibility, USB and mouse-controlled joystick support, print and modem emulation, Mockingboard support, cloud disk library, 3D voxel rendering, 3D LOGO, enhanced BASIC interpreters, custom file browser and editor, remote screen sharing, WOZ, DSK, NIB, PO, 2MG and HDV disk format support, the ability to record and rewind live emulation, a web-debugger and much, much more.
RAppleWin Achievements emulator for Apple II
Virtu Virtu is an Apple IIe emulator for the .NET Framework using C# with Silverlight, WPF & XNA. We've been asked not to mirror the source here, so please feel free to download the source code from Virtu's original site.

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XGS/32 XGS DOS Ports are available for Win9x, DOS, many Unix systems, and Macintosh. Has sound support and decent compatibility with most IIGS software. Requires a boot ROM image, available here.

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