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Apple - II Series Emulators

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Name Description
Agat Emulator Agat Emulator is an Apple II and Agat 7/9 (Soviet clones) emulator. Its GUI uses the Russian language, but it seems nice.
Apple //e Emulator Emulates Apple //e. This one is coded by Oliver Schmidt and it features Fullscreen DirectX Based mode, between other things. Go check it out because it's worth a download (for sure!)
Apple II Oasis Emulates 128K+ //e, all video modes, both 65c02 & Z80 CPUs, sound, peripheral cards, floppy and hard disk drives. It also functions as a disk manager and disk server, with very modest system requirements.
ApplePC By David Ellsworth Emulates //e, //c, and ][+. Runs in multiple screen modes, and supports Mockingboard emulation through a SoundBlaster-compatible card. Requires system roms for the Apple //c, Apple //e, and Apple ][+.
Appler Programmed in 16-bit assembly, and emulates sound through the PC speaker. Very compatible with ][+ applications; includes an attractive interface.
AppleWin Emulates Apple //e and ][+. Features sound emulation through either the PC speaker or a sound card, and the Super Serial Card is emulated through PC COM ports. A slowdown/throttling setting is available for realistic speed on a faster processor. Notes: F9(Full Screen), F11(Switch Color Mode).
Dapple Dapple is an Apple ][ emulator that aims to support a well-fitted Apple ][, ][+ or //e machine with 64K. It is based on Marat Fayzullin's M6502 with 65C02 additions and Marcel de Kogel's Z80Em.
Dapple ][ Dappe ][ is almost a complete rewrite of Dapple and supports full Apple //e and partial Apple //c. It emulates 3MB RAM Works expansion card and now comes with an assembler. The author has high expectations, perhaps even to turn the emulator into a development environment. Pick it up.
Kegs32 KEGS32 is console-based program based on the Kent Dickey's KEGS for UNIX. KEGS32 is designed to works in WIN32 platform. This is a straight port of KEGS and do not have fancy GUI in the current version. This version is at preliminary stage. It currently doesn't supports a joystick.
Virtu Virtu is an Apple IIe emulator for the .NET Framework using C# with Silverlight, WPF & XNA. We've been asked not to mirror the source here, so please feel free to download the source code from Virtu's original site.

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XGS/32 XGS DOS Ports are available for Win9x, DOS, many Unix systems, and Macintosh. Has sound support and decent compatibility with most IIGS software. Requires a boot ROM image, available here.

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