Apple - II Series Emulators

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Name Description
BeApple][e Another good Apple II emu. Nice GUI easy to use, it seems pretty compatible, it plays my old infocom apple II disk images rather well anyway (Which very few emus handle due to some glitches in the disk format) . It comes with a few sample disk images. There is no sound support currently. Enjoy.
DarkNES Wow what doesnt thie emulator do? It emulates the following systems: Sega Master System + Game Gear, NES, Colecovision, Turbo Grafx (including CD emulation), Apple II and MSX. Features sound support but no joystick,
Sweet16 This is a commerical AppleIIgs emulator for both x86 and PPC platforms. The license is $25. It seems to be quite advanced, and well worth the money spent. This new version is another bugfix release.

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