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Name Description
Basilisk II Basilisk II is a multi-platform 680x0 Macintosh emulator. It runs MacOS 7.x or 8.x (7.0 not recommended) and has color video support. Most features work under Win9X, but not all, since it was designed for Windows NT and Windows 2000. See the documentation. This patch updates to build 143 and fixes the gamma ramp for Escape Velocity Nova (EVN). Only the changed files are included in the binary and the source.
EmMac This emulator is in Italian, so I can't tell you too much about it. What I do know, is that it emulates 1, 2, and 4 MB memory configurations. It also emulates SCSI, floppy drives, and hard drives.
Executor Executor lets your PC run many Macintosh programs as well as read and write Mac-formatted high-density floppies, Mac SCSI drives, Mac Zip drives, Mac Jaz drives, and read Mac CDs. It costs $150 to get the registered version, or $65 for students, however it has been discontinued and the author has given out keys to register it for free. Use these: Serial number "99991004" and the Authentication Key "n9rk57f369byp".
Fusion It has been totally discontinued, so Fusion is now free! The files must be downloaded separately and put on a floppy disk to install. Read complete directions at Emulators Inc.
macintosh.js This is Mac OS 8, running in an Electron app emulating to be a 1991 Macintosh Quadra. Provided for educational purposes only.
Mini vMac This is a Macintosh Plus emulator which has an impressively small footprint on the host system. It has now superseded its predecessor, vMac.

It requires a Macintosh Plus BIOS ROM to run, which is not included for copyright reasons.
PCE/macplus PCE/macplus is a Macintosh Plus emulator. It emulates a Macintosh 128K, Macintosh 512k, Macintosh 512ke or a Macintosh Plus.
PearPC PearPC is the first free, open source PowerPC Architecture emulator out there, and it seems to have made great progress so far. Though not ready for stable usage, it can run Mac OS X 10.3 more or less.
SheepShaver SheepShaver is a PowerPC emulator written by Christian Bauer. It can be run in native mode (for PowerPC host computers) and in emulation mode.
SoftMac XP SoftMac 2000/XP is one of the most advanced macintosh emulators. It is freeware now, but still requires a ROM dump.
vMac vMac is a Macintosh emulator that currently emulates a Motorola 68000 based Apple Macintosh Plus. It is freeware, but requires a Plus ROM image. It currently has floppy, sound, and mouse support and has has minimal printer and SCSI support. vMac can run up MacOS versions up to 7.5.5.
WORM This is a Mac Plus emulator meant to replace vMac. It has no sound and uses the same ROM and hardfile as vMac. This was meant to kind of "show up" the vMac team, and is worth a download.

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