Basilisk II

a Apple - Macintosh Emulator on the Windows platform

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Basilisk II is a multi-platform 680x0 Macintosh emulator. It runs MacOS 7.x or 8.x (7.0 not recommended) and has color video support. Most features work under Win9X, but not all, since it was designed for Windows NT and Windows 2000. See the documentation. This patch updates to build 143 and fixes the gamma ramp for Escape Velocity Nova (EVN). Only the changed files are included in the binary and the source.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Build 142 01/20/01


1.08 MB Download
Patch Build 143 01/20/01


363.82 KB Download
Source Build 142 01/20/01


1.30 MB Download
Source Build 143 01/20/01


27.82 KB Download

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