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Nintendo - NES Emulators

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Popular Emulators

Name Description
FCEUX FCEUX has superceded all older branches. For those still interested in the older branches, here are the most recent known versions of them

FCE Ultra is is based on Bero's original FCE source code.

The 0.98.13-pre builds and source are incomplete, and might therefore be unstable. Use them at your own risk.

FCEUXD by BBitmaster and Parasyte has a Trace Logger, a built-in Hex Editor, a Name Table Viewer, Code/Data Logger, Inline Assembler, and Game Genie Decoder/Encoder in addition to the Debugger and PPU Viewer from FCEUD.

FCEUXD SP adds conditional breakpoints and symbolic debugging.

Other Emulators

Name Description
DarcNES DarcNES is a newer DOS/Linux NES emulator, also emulates Sega Master System, PCE and quite a few other systems, not only consoles. It supports the most common mappers and also includes sound support. The documentation currently lacks some important information (such as the controls) but you can find them on the DarcNES homepage.
EmilNES This is the Linux port of EmilNES. Compatibility is not that great so far, but give it some time.
FakeNES FakeNES is an Open Source NES emulator written by stainless with the maintainer of SNEeSe. Though still in the early stages of development, it includes neat features like Zapper support and sound.
FCE Ultra This is the Linux build of FCE Ultra...see the description on the Win/Dos NES emulators for all the details. Also, the source code has been included for those who wish to compile their own copy.
fwNES In my opinion, fwNES is the best NES emulator for Linux. It supports iNES mappers 0-34 except 6,12-14,20,26-31 and fwNES mappers 64-85,88 and 100. It has also got good sound support and is pretty fast. Download this or you'll be sorry.
iNES iNES has been around for a long time now and focuses on mapper support and compatibility. Choose your platform, download, and you won't be upset at all.
InfoNES InfoNES is a japanese NES emulator for Linux that supports a nice amount of mappers, worth a look.
Little John New Generation Little John is one of the newer NES emulators for UNIX. It's actually an SNES emulator, too, and has support for a lot of stuff (joysticks, OpenGL, 2xSai, etc) and it's really worth a try!
Nestra Nestra is a nice NES emu for Linux, it uses dynamic recompiling to get more speed but it is still in early stages and features no sound and has some bugs, but it's still nice.
NextFCE NextFCE is a new emulator based on BERO's FCE source. I have not tried this emulator since I don't run FBSD, if anyone give me a quick run-down of the emulator, that'd be great, or if any has time to translate the homepage or the docs that'd good too.
Nofrendo This NES emulator is written by Matt Conte. It has been under construction for a long time now, and a preview release is finally available. Not much else is known at this time.
puNES puNES is an emulator under development that works on Linux32/64 and Windows32. It needs of SDL library to run. Uncompress the zip/tar file in a subdirectory and use.
RockNES This is an updated port of RockNES to Linux. It's now based on the v4.0, and so has good compatibility and many features, as well as a GUI.
SharpNES SharpNES is a "clean-room" implementation of an 8-bit NES emulator in Mono/C#.
TuxNES This is a good NES emulator for Linux that runs many games, including Solar Jetman and other games that tend to freak out in other NES emulators. It has support for a good amount of mappers, and it's definitely worth the download. Also works with FreeBSD.
XNes Although the development has been stopped, this is an ok emulator, with sound.

Nintendo - NES Emulators on Other Platforms

Windows (95)
BeOS (4)
Macintosh (10)
Amiga (4)
-- Dreamcast (5)
-- Gamecube (1)
-- Playstation (3)
-- Playstation 2 (2)
-- Nintendo 64 (2)
-- Game Boy / Advance (5)
-- Nintendo DS (3)
-- Game Park 32 (5)
-- Playstation Portable (2)
-- Wonderswan (1)
-- Nintendo Wii (2)
-- Playstation 3 (1)
-- GP2X (1)
-- Nintendo 3DS (3)
Java (5)
Palm OS (1)
Pocket PC (8)
Windows Mobile (1)
iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch) (2)
Android (5)
DOS (1)
JavaScript (3)

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