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Super Mario Bros. - Graphics only Hacks

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Name Description
Alice Cooper This is the no title screen version of Super Mario Bros. Staring Alice Cooper.
Atario Bros Imagine playing SMB 1 on an Atari 2600. Now you get the picture... It's a really cool concept, and I don't think anyone has done anything like this before.
Black Mage Mario This is a hack where Mario has been changed into the famous black mage character from Final Fantasy. Also enemy changes have been implemented.
Blink This is yet another hack for Super Mario Bros 1 where the game's modified with new graphics and new characters.
Bomber Mario Changes Mario into Bomberman
Carnage This is a no title screen version of Super Mario Bros. hack that has Spiderman villains instead of the normal enemies.
Codename 23 A stylish hack of Super Mario Bros 1.
Escape from Planet Transexual This is a patch for Super Mario Bros 1 inspired by the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Fantasy Fighter This hack of Super Mario Bros. features a nice amount of graphics changes and a level hack to show off some new enemies.
Fucked up Super Mario Bros. A Super Mario Bros. hack with the levels and text screwed up.
Girl Merio You get to play as a girl named Merio. Japanese text.
Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer Grandma got ran over by a reindeer and it’s up to Grandpa to find the culprit. Is it really Santa behind the attack or someone else? Grandpa uses his wife’s medications to become Super Grandpa and Poinsettias to release his rage.
Hollow Mario v1 Mario is invisible in this hack.
Hollow Mario v2 Mario is invisible in this hack, but you can see his clothes.
kill happypeepeehead! the nes game This is pretty funny hack here.
Lagomorph's Six Pack This is a set of six different level patches for SMB 1, all of them increasing the playing difficulty.
Mario Just as with CV2, there are 2 different versions of SMB; there's the version without the title screen, and the version with the title screen. These patches will switch you between the 2 versions.
Mario DX A hack of SMB1, one of the best hacks I've seen, awesome color changes everywhere!
Mario for Illiterates Any type of writing, including the copyright mark and the question mark on the blocks has been removed. Okay, what's the point?
Mario X-Rayed Everything is transparent, as though being played through an X-ray filter.
Mario ZZT Another graphics hack with the theme being changed.
Midget Mario This one's good for laughs. There are lots of evil midgets and other bizarre things. About 95% of the patterns have been changed.
Modern Mario Bros V2 Another Version of Modern NES Mario
Modern NES Mario This is a rom that changes Mario's palette
Mortal Kombat Bros Sub Zero Mythologies Quest In this Rom hack you play as Sub 0 (sub zero), some of the levels are changes slightly and you shoot ice beams instead of fire balls and ect.
NinjaTurtles This is a total game graphics hack. I played the entire way through, and EVERYTHING has been given a turtles look. Of course, you fight Shredder at the end in an attempt to save Splinter.
Revenge Upon Death Mario and Luigi are transparent, not invisible.
River City Mario 1.2 This is the first beta release where Mario and Luigi have been fully changed to Ryan and Alex from River City Ransom. Also some small graphics has been changed. Currently in progress is a release with all new levels, and a new backround.
Russian Mario An odd russian drunk mario hack/translation
Seneca's Adventure Another graphics hack with some minor changes to the levels.
SMB Bad Beta This is a graphics/difficulty hack with some peculiararities.
SMB1 (SMB3 Mario) Here's a hack that changes mario's graphics into the one from Super Mario Bros. 3
SMB1:Terror of the Night!! Another graphics hack with some changes to the levels.
Stealthy Foes Supposed to be tough, all the enemies are invisible.
Super Arcade Bros. A Super Mario Bros. hack with usual arcade text.
Super Ascii Mario This is a hack I made in a total of about 5 hours. It's a conceptual hack based on what SMB1 might be like if it were an old text-based BBS door game, or somesuch. That is, assuming that text mode could overlap characters and had absolute positioning, and sound and joystick control, etc. :)
Super Balls This hack changes Mario into Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse. Shaggy grabs hatchetman charms to gain power and can throw ninja stars. Violent J has been kidnapped by “Creep” the Orc. Play as Shaggy 2 Dope as he travels far and wide, searching for his missing homie.
Super Bluio Bros. This hack makes Super Mario blue and changes some other graphics.
Super GOOMBA BROS.?!? You play as a Goomba and Koopa (Koopa still working out the bugs...) against your OWN KIND!!!
Super Link Brothers Mario is replace with Link, and King Koopa is replaced with ???
Super Mario Bros 1.5 This patch will replace all the graphics in SMB with those from the Japanese SMB2. It was a simple hack made with Tile Layer v0.50b.
Super Mario Bros Plus If you saved the princess in SMB , try now to do it here ! Bowsers and podoboos out of the castle, 4-2 warp zone deleted, 100 seconds to complete some levels,... It 's a real challenge !!!
Super Mario Bros: Neon Edition Complete graphics overhaul giving the game a new "neon" look to it.
Super Mario by a Hobo This hack adds: 1-1:Goombas rain from the sky. 8-4:level is edited to be likely easy?????? The rest is normal. Version:Beta 2
Super Mario MCB This is a basic graphics hack...
Super Pimp Bros. This hack is good for laughs. Mario is a pimp. There's also alot of graphics changes.
Super Riker Bros. An upgrade of the old "Rikers Quest" hack, this turns Mario and Luigi into Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation (and his transporter duplicate Tom). This also turns Toad into Capt. Picard and the Princess into Deanna Troi, and also has a lot of other Star Trek references.
The Castles On this hack, every level is a castle!
The Legend of Zelda in Super Mario Brothers World Yet another "Zelda Mario" hack, but this time with a shiny title screen!
The Worst Hack Ever Every sprite (most of them anyway) has a square around them.
TIE Fighter Hack of Super Mario Bros 1 with no title screen.Has Star Wars enemies.

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