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Mega Man Hacks

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Name Description
Dr. Light's Rescue Rockman has to rescue Dr. Light, who has been kidnapped by Dr. Wily's robot masters.
l33t man This is a text hack that translates the normal English into "l33tspeak".
Mega Man Simplified The purpose of this hack was to make the original Mega Man much easier for gamers that find games that aren’t too incredibly tough more enjoyable.
Mega weakness (not finished yet) where you can defeat any boss (only with cutman more robot masters to defeat soon)
Megagirl In this patch almost EVERY in-stage enemy has been altered to look like a female. The bosses have been altered in other (often stranger) ways, including their names. Little kids tend to laugh out loud at this hack! ;> Megaman himself has been changed in that (s)he now has hips and a ponytail in every animation frame.
MegaMan 1 Sprite Correction This is a sprite correction, it changes up the sprites to resemble the later MegaMan games. (use the US version.)
Megaman EX This patch changes the levels to make them harder.
Megaman in the Mushroom Kingdom Dr. Wily finally concedes that Mega Man may be too much for his evil robotic creations. Determined to get the best of the blue bomber, Dr. Wily contacts another famous villian, Bowser! Having combined their forces, Dr Wily and Bowser unleash their new destructive creations upon the Mushroom Kingdom. After hearing news of Wily’s new plan, Mega Man decides to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom himself to stop Wily again. Mega Man now finds himself in a strange new world filled with obstacles and locales very foreign to him. Fearless, Mega Man presses on to Super Mario’s old stomping grounds to defeat these new foes. Mega Man in the MK is set in various classic Mario games. Including Super Mario Bros1, 2, 3 and World. Megaman faces off against Wily’s Bosses as well as Bowser’s minions. This being Super Mario’s World, he gladly helps out Mega Man by increasing his jumping power as well as outfitting the Blue Bomber with some of his old garbs.
Megaman Plus This hack changes the game so that you are playing as an upgraded Megaman robot called Megaman plus. The story has been changed to reflect this change to the game.
Megaman Showdown 1 A hack of Megaman 1. This hack makes all the stages 2 screens and only Boss Fights. With the exception of Wily stages 2 and 4.
MegaMan Unbound This is a remix of all the levels, and some sprites are changed.
MegaMari This is a hack of the JP version of Megaman called Rockman. The hack changes the level design, palette, and graphics. It is a parody of a Megaman-inspired game for PC called MegaMari.
Protoman - The New Adventures Here is a hack of Mega Man where you can play as Protoman in his own adventure! All the levels have been redesigned with a new layout and some graphics changes. Also some of the stage music has been changed also.
Protoman: The Red Bomber This is Dragonsbrethren’s lame first hack.
Rockman 2000 Kuwata’s first hack of Rockman (1). It features new levels, graphics, enemies, and even music. The levels are very challenging; some even have small puzzles in them. It should be noted this hack will not work with a Mega Man ROM, you need to patch a Rockman ROM.

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