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Pokemon: Red Version - Minor Hacks

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Name Description
Oak's Dream 2 In this hack you play as professor Oak, and your rival is Giovanni. Instead of professor Oak there is prfoessor Fuji.
Pikamon In this hack you play as the pokémon Pikachu, your Rival is either Abra or Mewoth and professor Oak is now prof Oddish!!
Pokemon - Red Version (Emu Edition) Imagine playing your awesome original Pokémon games by your self, and you can’t catch em all… Literally, you can’t do it… Why? BECAUSE YOU CANT TRADE! You’re all alone. :( So I made a Red optimized for single player use… It’s got ALL the Pokémon in it. ;) Some of these Pokemon will still be rare(as low as a 1% chance of finding them). I see no reason to do this to Blue Version. If there is a demand I will do it though… This is an IPS patch, you will need your own copy of Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) (The readme has all the locations of the added Pokémon)
Pokemon Generations In the game, you play as the main character from Pokémon Gold/Silver and your rival is Ash from Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow. A lot of the graphics, text, and wild Pokémon layouts have also been changed.
Pokemon II You, Ash, have beaten the Elite Four and caught all 151 known Pokémon. But, Giovanni has resurrected Team Rocket and Gary has joined, and you have to confront Gary and convince him to quit Team Rocket.
Pokemon Red (Dragon version) This is my first hack. maps different, and different starters!
Pokemon Z This game is a hack of Pokemon Red called PokemonZ where you play as Vegeta of DBZ and Goku will be your partner and rival at the same time.
Pokemon: Aqua In this hack you play a boy from Neophyte and must defeat the Clout league. You must also compete with your evil next door neigbor.
Pokemon: Girl Pokemon Girl is a simple hack in which you play as a girl trainer and get to choose from, Clefairy, Vulpix and Chansey.
Pokemon: Red Edition (Advanced) The author has made the trainers and gym leaders in the game 2 to 4 times harder. If you want a challenge, check this out.
Pokemon: Revolution In this hack you play as the hero from the Gold/Silver games. Your goal is to help Oak discover the power of the three rare pokemon, and then to find the most rare pokemon.

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