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Pokemon: Crystal Version - Minor Hack for Gameboy

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Pokemon: Crystal Edition Hack for Gameboy This is a gameplay hack that allows you to catch ALL the Pokemon, even Celebi, Mew and Mew2. The wild Pokemon and Gym Leaders are also much harder.

Author: Flash

Submitted by: gutzsant

Author's website: http://theflash.freehosting.com

Name Description Filesize
Patch file ver 1.5 What this hack does: Gameplay standpoint. All Wild Pokemon on land are very tough. All Pokemon, even ones you'd normally have to trade for, like Alakazam, Steelix, Slobrow King, are catchable. The exceptions are: 1. Umbreon, Espeon and some of the others that evolve from being happy. 2. Six Pokemon must be evolved from stones: Sunflora, Bellossom (both SunStones, so go win the bug catching contest a couple of times), Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Venusaur. There is a major league increase in the levels of the Pokemon you run into the wild. The ones in the gyms are tougher too. In a couple of cases, I changed a Gym leader's Pokemon (only one or two). :D Watch where you're hanging around when. Rte. 29, for example, is not a good place to be at night. There are some very nasty 60+ level Charizards hanging around at night. Another tip is to catch an Eevee as quickly as possible. Make it your leader. The sooner you get an Umbreon or Espeon (Eevee's only natural evolution), the better off you are. 5.95 KB

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ArJay says:
I've got the game but still I haven't catch pokémons such as mew,mewtwo,articuno,zapdos,moltres,celebi and porygon2 ..where can I catch them.? well, I've encountered celebi once in the battle tower but he's not recorded at my pokédex

Steven says:
will this work on my cell gbc emulator?

asdf says:
OK so... where is PORYGON2. the rest have a next, but p doesnt sow up in the pokedex... maybe tradeonly??? same with aerodactyl...

jeff says:
where is mew?? plz help its my favorite pokemon

Dee says:
I'm pretty sure kingdra is unobtainable

rival says:
mew can be found in route 26 at night it is level 95

hel says:
Articuno can b found on the grassy area right to digletts cave at night L70

keo valdez says:
Zapdos is to the south of Lavender Town. You'll need
Cut to get in that grass area

RhyPerioR says:
where do i find the articuno and moltres???

lantis darkfire says:
it seems that few pokemon is still unobtainabe. the only pokemons Im searching for is porygon 2 and kingdra

baha says:
where can i find mewtwo and scizor? please help me

Anonymous says:
I like Celebi; where do you catch it?

Chino says:
Haunter evolves into gengar or i catch gengar evolved?

Sal says:
Beautiful game

nightmare says:
how to get kingdra?

Cut says:
Celebi can be found in route 25 at night

Cut says:
How to get kingdra,scizor,porygon2 and mewtwo

A says:
Mewtwo is in route 27 lv99

Lucas O'Brien says:
where do I catch the Johoto starters?

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