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This DOS based frontend is a really good way of saving you from a lot of typing! It has a nice, simple text interface, support for up to 10 different paths for your ROMs, support for game patches (on the condition that the patch is zipped in their proper directories), it's easy to add to or change the mameload.opt and mameload.pat files, giving you the opportunity to easily add new options/patches with simply editing a text line or two. Another nice feature is the random game select (F8) if you're one of those persons who has over 1000 games and can't decide what game you want to play :) Want to use your screenshots with this emulator? Then download PictView, as this frontend uses it to view them.

Operating System: DOS

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Download 10/11/00 89.80 KB Download
PictView 10/11/00 97.70 KB Download

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