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Snes9xGX Another version of the popular Snes9xGX emulator has been released, this time from Wiibrew developer michniewski, based on the efforts by Softdev and Crunchy2. This branch is based on Snes9x v1.51 for superior accuracy, and features support for the Wii Classic Controller and the Nunchuk, autosaving, custom controller configurations, and zipped ROMs. See the README in the download for the changelog.
Snes9XGX_(1.43) (Note: This version is based Snes9x 1.43 and is no longer actively developed. Use 1.51 based version instead)


* Four player support
* Mode 7, Super FX, SDD1, SRTC, SA-1, DSP1, DSP2 support
* Partial DSP4 support

Gamecube Features

* Read files from DVD, SD Gecko.
* Supports snes, zip files.
* Save SRAM and State files to Memory Card or SD Gecko.

Wii Features

* Read games or write SRAM and State files to the WiiSD, Memory Card, or SD Gecko.

Be sure to read the Documentation for instructions on how to use this program. We are always looking for more volunteers to help write good documentation, translations, or anything. Contact us if you wish to help.

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