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Name Description
DSTwo NDSSFC This is an SNES emulator specifically for the Nintendo DS flashcart Supercard DSTwo. It won't work on anything else since it uses the DSTwo's built-in CPU and RAM.
SnemulDS SnemulDS is the successor to SnezziDS and is currently the best SNES emulator for the DS. Compatibility is high, the sound is great, and most games are playable with a bit of layer priority tweaking.
SnesDS An early SNES emulator (a port of SNESAdvance) emulating the main part of the SNES on the DS's ARM9 processor and the SPC audio portion entirely on the ARM7. Graphics emulation needs work, especially when it comes to layer priority, but the sound is coming along quite well and many games are now very playable.
SnezziDS This is a DS port of Snezzi (SNES emulator of GBA by bubble2k) with a few DS fixes and Gary's own sound core.

Instructions: Run "snezzi.exe snesrom.sfc" and the flash the generated file to your flashcard.

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