T-Dragon Quest

X68000 Translation in English

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Here is a partial translation for a fan-made game in the Dragon Quest series called T-Dragon Quest which was only made for the X68000 Sharp System. This patch translates most of the menus, enemies, and items. A few dialogues are done also. More will be done as progress is made. NOTE: Be sure to apply the patch to a disk image that has no save files on it!

Author: MrRichard999 / Helly

Completion: 15%

Genre: RPG

Name Description Filesize
Patch file T-Dragon Quest Joshou (1991)(TNB Saisakusho.DIM CRC32: 8FCC0FEE MD5: 9C98CBB535F500F8B561AC5E2A94DF3E SHA-1: 86A0C6D869E909FE04D16157620D4A8169850147 SHA-256: F9668FDE034D2F486B24D852AB9CDDF44630922E483301260CE0CBE87C057E45 4.45 KB

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