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SNES Translations in English

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Name Description
Aim for the Ace! - Ace Tennis
Alcahest English Translation
Ancient Magic
Bahamut Lagoon
Bahamut Lagoon
Ball Bullet Gun
Battle Soccer - Field no Hasya
Bing Bing! Bingo Here is a patch which translates all the game instructions for the mini-games and all the horse names in the derby gambling mini-game.
Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster Brandish 2 is a somewhat unique Action RPG. It's a top down game but rather than just turning your character on the screen, the entire room turns (in effect, simulating the changing view of your character as he turns). There are many large dungeons to explore, and with all the monsters and your breakable weapons, be ready for a challenge. Do you have what it takes to wield the Planet Buster?
Breath of Fire II Ever notice how the localization of Breath of Fire II is terrible? Well now you can apply this translation. It's a complete retranslation/localization of the game, with a few enhancements such as a Run button and a entirely new intro with a theme song that has lyrics and everything. d4s and Ryusuiu did a good job on this, it's worth a play if you like Breath of Fire II and want to experience it without that wacky text the original English version has.
BS Chrono Trigger Music Library
BS Chrono Trigger Music Library
BS Zelda 1
Burning Heroes Burning Heroes is a massive Enix turn-based RPG that centers around the struggles of four fighters who pursue independent scenarios. Along the way, four more heroes are unlocked. Separately, all eight learn that the bane of their existence is the same evil entity.
Clock Tower - The First Fear
Cyber Knight
Cyber Knight 2
Cyborg 009
Demon Child Zenki - Battle Raiden
Demon of Laplace
Der Langrisser This is a complete re hack and translation of the original Der Langrisser translation that was unfinished circulating the web. This version is 100% Complete with beautiful English dialogue.
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest
Doraemon 4
Dossun! Stone Battle
Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyans
Dragon Quest 3:And Into The Legend… Aaaahh, Dragon Quest III. What self-respecting Dragon Quest fan and RPG lover could ever dislike that game? This SNES remake not only ups the graphic and musical quality to better-than-DQVI levels, but all the monster attacks are animated, which looks super sweet! Small Medals were also added, as well as various Pachisi tracks scattered across the globe, and a bonus dungeon that you can access when you beat the game.
Dragon Quest 5
Dragon Quest I.II Reprise(SFC) (DQ Version)
Dragon Quest I.II Reprise(SFC) (DW Version)
Dragon Quest III Remix
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
DragonBall Z: Gokuden 1
Dragonball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan
Dragonball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan
Dragonball Z: Shin Butouden 3
Dragonball Z: Super Butouden 1
Dragonball Z: Super Butouden 3
FEDA: The Emblem of Justice
Final Fanstasy V :Enhancement
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV Easy Type
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Fire Emblem 3
Fire Emblem 4
Front Mission
Front Mission - Gun Hazard
Galaxy Robo Galaxy Robo is a sci-fi strategy game created by Copya Systems, the developper also responsible for the Lennus series. In this game the player directs a group of mech pilots, each riding distinctive bi- pedal suits and other vehicles. The game is structurally similar to Fire Emblem; the player moves all their units for their turn, either fighting enemy units or performing other tasks, and then control switches to the opponent. When two units meet in combat, a cutaway cutscene shows the aggressor landing (or missing) a hit, and the unit statistics underneath tell the player how much damage was caused. The game was a Japanese exclusive, and it was one of a handful of games to use the SNES Mouse peripheral
Go Go Ackman!
Gourmet Squadron Barayarou
Gulliver Boy
Gundam Wing - Endless Duel
Gunman's Proof
Holy Umbrella - Dondera 's Wild!! A game somewhat like "Violinist of Hameln", you play as a fellow who finds an umbrella that turns out to be magic, it transports him to an alternate world where he has to save the umbrella in order to get back home. Definitely one with a sense of humor (the game, not the umbrella).
Jerry Boy
Jutei Senki
Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack
King of Demons
Kunio Kun no Dodgeball
Lennus II Dynamic Designs's Lennus-II patch, a much lauded work, is a true sequel to Paladin's Quest, but stands alone quite well. Those of us who have worked on this translation project through the years are convinced it is one of the best all time SNES/Super Famicom RPGs. Players who enjoyed Paladin's Quest years ago tell us that Lennus-II definitely delivers the RPG goods! Its storyline is much deeper than some reviewers of the Japanese version have indicated, causing me to ponder if those individuals were actually fluent in that language. Near its conclusion, Lennus-II presents an intriguing plot twist. Its theme is mature, and I suggest that people who neither played nor enjoyed Paladin's Quest view it separately.
Little Magic
Live a Live
M.I.P. - The FF6 Translation Project
M.I.P.-My Insane Project
Madou Monogatari
Magic Knight Rayearth
Magical Drop
Magical Pop'n
Mickey & Donald's Magical Adventure 3
Miracle Girls
Mobile Fighter Gundham G
Mobile Suit Gundam - Cross Dimension 0079
Mystic Ark An RPG by Enix that is called by some (though incorrectly) "7th Saga 2". Far from being a bog standard RPG, it also brings a lot of adventure and puzzle elements to the table. This patch was translated by Ian Kelley, with font programming by Disnesquick. It should work on emulators and also your actual SNES with the use of a copier.
Mystic Ark Contrary to my earlier beliefs, Mystic Ark is definitely not a true sequel to 7th Saga, although there are many similarities in the sylistics and characters. 7th Saga was a sprawling RPG directed toward vanquishing an ultimate foe, involving time travel. Mystic Ark appears to be a series of separate sketches that can be concluded in favor of several characters interacting with the main fighter, Remeer. Looks like a super fun game, as the dialogue I’ve seen so far promises a rollicking adventure. As for this patch, it requires a headerless, de-interleaved ROM. CRC32 value FEB80589. Today we at D-D released Mystic Ark v 1.1. We are pleased to announce it works universally both on copiers and emulators, including those with accurate coding in mind. For this reason we are recommending BSNES for this release, although one is free to use any of the other excelent SNES emulators avaliable to play our release. Please consider this fine piece our christmas gift for the community and expect more great things from D-D in the future.
Panic in Nakayoshi World
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story
Radical Dreamers
Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang (Anime)
Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang (Manga)
Record Of Lodoss War Dynamic Designs chose this project with the simple objective of producing a complete translation. LNF Translations released a partial patch some years ago, one that converted most of the game's dialogue to English but left much of the menu work and certain other features undone. Using the story in the LNF's work as a guideline, Eien ni Hen translated the remaining Japanese, and we went to work. Unfortunately, some time after releasing the original LNF v0.90 English patch, project coordinator Lina` chan was tragically killed in an automobile accident, and the remaining members of LNF Translations never completed their patch. Selection of this project came about as the result of a random conversation between Recca, Wildbill, and Red Soul - while that trio was working on Burning Heroes. As Wildbill recalls, Recca casually mentioned how nice it would be to have a complete translation of this game, Red Soul agreed, and Wildbill asked Bongo` how feasible it would be to just insert some English menus. No one knew how to contact the remaining members of LNF translations, but Bongo` quickly deduced that the most efficient way to "finish" this game would be to design a dedicated insertion system with full assembly support and re-load a complete English translation from scratch. Using the critical dialogue translation work of LNF's original patch as a take-off point, in 2013, the D-D team re-wrote the story and inserted it into this patch that we built from the ground up. Red Soul assumed lead coordination duties, and as always, the remainder of the D-D team contributed in their various areas of expertise. However, without the original work of LNF Translations, completing this project would have required considerably more time. Accordingly, the spirit of LNF's work is still woven into the fabric and tone of this saga. And a special thanks goes out to Eien ni Hen who fleshed out the numerous miscellaneous files' translations that were missing in the LNF release. We hope everyone involved in the original project realizes that our patch is as much LNF's as D-Ds. We have paid proper homage to those players and their work in our translated and redesigned ending credits for this game. If anyone discovers that we left out (a) key player(s) who deserve(s) to be listed in the ending credits, report this information so we can modify our file and release an updated patch.
Rockman & Forte
Rockman & Forte
Rockman & Forte
Romancing Saga 3
RPG Maker 1
RPG Maker 2
Sailor Moon R
Sanrio World Smashball
SD Gundam X: Super Gachapon World
Seiken Densetsu 3 The purpose of this project, started in April 1998, is to create an unofficial translation patch for Squaresoft's Super Famicom role-playing game, Seiken Densetsu 3 (Legend of the Holy Sword 3).
Shin Megami Tensei
Shin Megami Tensei 2
Shin Megami Tensei II
Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-tachi no Banka
Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun
Silva Saga 2 - The Legend of Light and Darkness Silva Saga-II, a turn-based role-playing game, was released in Japan near the beginning of what many consider the Super Famicom's golden era of RPGs. Set in a lively medieval world, replete with hazardous caves, dungeons, forests, and castles, Silva Saga-II provides many hours of the style of gameplay that most RPG players crave - especially in retro offerings. While borrowing traditional elements that trace to the first Dragon Quest (with even a DQ reference in the game), Silva Saga-II's authors managed to add several twists to the standard formula. In addition to the wrinkles in the battle system, Seta created some rather quirky and zany characters, lending themselves to offbeat humor on occasion.
Slayers After eight years (to the exact day!) of intense labors by many - some tragic and others triumphant - Matt's Messy Room and D-D are jointly announcing the penultimate closure of another success story. We are releasing Slayers English on its 8th anniversary - the final day of winter. Except for a few small details planned for our first update, Slayers is finished and 100% compatible with real hardware. Because older emulators do not appear to fully support this game, including the Japanese ROM, we are recommending BSNES as the emulator of choice.
Slayers Translation
Song Master This patch only translates the menus and character names. This should help players navigate somewhat around the basic menus and shops. Everything else is compressed... Also included is a table file and screendump of the font just in case someone wishes to continue with this project and are able to complete it.
Star Ocean
StarFox 2
Super Bonk 2
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium
Super Puyo Puyo 2
Super Robot Wars 3
Super Robot Wars 4
Super Ultra Baseball 2 Super Ultra Baseball 2 is the fourth game released in the Ultra Baseball Series. The first two games were released in the US under the titles of “Baseball Simulator 1,000”. Culture Brain planned to release this game as “Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 2” but later canceled the release.
Tactics Ogre
Tales of Phantasia
Taloon's Great Adventure Taloon's Great Adventure is a SuperFamicom spin-off of the Famicom classic, Dragon Quest IV. There, Taloon first appeared in his own chapter, then later joined the Hero's intrepid band of adventurers prior to the final assault against Necrosaro. In the introductory chapter, however, Taloon soon becomes weary of working for a lazy shopkeeper in a one-horse-town, so, he waves goodbye to his comely wife and spirited young son, then ventures off into the wilderness with a dream of becoming the world's pre-eminent arms merchant.
Tenchi Muyo!
Tenchi Muyo! The Tenchi Muyo! English Translation Patch was created in 2000 by Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku and Filia’s Translations. The patch they released was riddled with bugs and missing some key elements. This game really needed some help, so nine years later, borderLine took it upon himself to address the problems in this addictive Strategy/RPG. After two months of hacking another hacker’s hack with no notes, inserting additional English text, redrawing all the Japanese graphics, and adding quite a bit of ASM, the 100% English Translation Patch final public release is available. Patches are available to both patch an already patched translated ROM from LNF, and also a clean Tenchi Muyo! ROM.
Tenchi Muyo! This is an updated fix to LNF's old english translation.
The Violinist of Hameln
Treasure Hunter G
Treasure Hunter G
Treasure Hunter G
Treasure of the Rudras
Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (or Real Names Version) is the third game released in the Ultra Baseball Series. The first two games were released in the US under the titles of “Baseball Simulator 1,000″.
Umihara Kawase
Wizardry 1/2/3
Wonder Project J
Ys IV: Mask of the Sun

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